Bellona: My FateMature

A piece of the rubble had fallen on my back, pinning me to the floor. Kovarian had managed to get a bullet into my leg as well, which didn't help.

The queen bitch hovered over me, grinning, "This time, you die,"

I laughed hoarsely, "I beg to differ, Madame. I'm not going without a fight,"

She smiled, "So be it," She pulled the trigger. Nothing happened.

"Always check to make sure you have ammo," I muttered, struggling under the block of cement.

To my surprise, Kovarian pushed it off of me.

"Get up!" She barked, kicking my side.

I stood, swinging my leg at her face. It connected with her eyepatch. She howled in pain, staggering backwards. The pistol fell from her grasp.

Snow began to fall through the hole above us where the ceiling had collapsed.

"You were going to kill Sere!" I roared, punching her in the jaw. Blood flew from her lip as it split.

She reached out, wrapping her hand around my throat, "You are a betrayer!" Kovarian taunted.

My lungs burned for oxygen, my fingers scrabbling against her bony hand.

"And now you die,"

I kicked out, managing to strike her stomach. She dropped me. I crumpled to the floor, the bullet wound in my leg screaming with pain.

A block of cement crashed down upon my back, breaking against my spine. I coughed as the stony dust flew up into the air.

I stood groggily, my vision beginning to blur. Kovarian had been fiddling with her gun, loading bullets into it.

"I always bring more ammo, you fool," She aimed it at me.

The sharp metal tore into my flesh. I screamed in agony, my body falling back to the stone floor. My blood pooled beneath me, crimson against the falling snow.

I heard the Doctor, somewhere, cry out a harsh, "NO!"

"Traitors never prosper," Madame Kovarian told me, pressing the barrel against my head.

I closed my eyes as death consumed me.



The End

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