Doctor: Back and ForthMature

I broke out of the complex and found myself hit in the face with a gust of harshly cold wind. I brushed my hair out of my face and walked on, holding my arm up to protect my face. I lowered it for a moment to check where I was going but didn't learn much; the horizon was covered in snow and nothing much else.

I looked back and already the blizzard had covered my path. I couldn't see if Bellona was following me and so decided to hope that she was and that if she didn't catch up with me soon then I'd be forced to go and find her. I kept going through the snow, eager to find a hint of blue in the distance. I was disappointed when nothing arose and I felt my boots fill with cold water. It was starting to freeze. I compelled my body to pump more blood to my feet in the hope that I would be able to make it.

I soon fell to the floor, my strength fading. The bullet wound I had gained from Kovarian's gun was minor and wouldn't kill me but was sapping more energy than I could afford to lose. I pressed the wound on my arm, checking to see how much I was bleeding; not much. I pushed myself up, forcing my body to move on.

I staggered across the terrain, my mind slowing. I couldn't focus my eyes and was about to fall asleep when I saw her.

River was on the floor, unconscious. I knelt down beside her, shaking her softly. When she didn't respond, I shook her more until her eyes opened slowly and a smile grew on her face. I pulled her into a hug to share our warmth.

"How far away is the TARDIS?" I asked loudly.

"Quite a way over there!" she pointed away from the base, just as I had expected. I turned back the way I had come; still no sign of Bellona.

"Get back to the ship." I ordered, helping her up. "And quickly."

"Where are you going?" she called over the wind.

"To find Bellona. She's still in there." I started retracing my steps, glad that the wind was no longer hitting my face.

"But she betrayed us. She betrayed Sere." River screamed angrily.

"But we got her into this. None of this would have happened if we hadn't brought her with us." I turned to face her. "And I can't have her death on my conscience. She helped me to escape, River. She tried to get Sere out. She may have made mistakes but she is making up for that." I carried on moving, still feeling the bite of the wind as it pushed me on.

"She isn't worth it." she muttered, her voice flying through the air.

I considered replying but we were too far apart. I couldn't turn my back on her. I picked up the pace, desperate to get out of the cold.

The End

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