River: AidMature

I was sat, staring at the console. He had been gone too long and I was really worried about him. I knew that he could take care of himself but it didn't stop me wondering what was going on out there.

I picked myself up and climbed the stairs, looking for Sere. I found her asleep in her room, Matthew sitting beside her on the bed. I smiled at them, watching him stroke her hair as he started to fall asleep. He jumped to attention when he saw me but I reassured him with my smile and left them to it. I knew that I needed to have a word with them about a whole host of things but it didn't seem like the time, considering my daughter had just given birth.

Wow. My daughter has just given birth to my grandchild.

I shook the tears away and returned to the console room, choosing to stand at the heart of the machine and look at it. Part of me understood why the Doctor loved his ship so much; she was absolutely beautiful and marvellous but part of me was just confused, especially at how unreliable she was.

"You are getting quite old though, aren't you?" I whispered into the time rotor. The ship hummed a response that I didn't understand.

It had been too long. I dashed over to my thermosuit and pulled it on, opening the door and leaving. I knew that if it was me out there, he'd come looking. I hurried through the snow, struggling to travel at a fast pace. I went past the giant hole in the ground that he had fallen into, momentarily considering jumping down there myself. The thought left me and I carried on through the harsh terrain.

Unsurprisingly, the cold started to get to me, even through the suit. I started to panic, my breathing increasing rapidly. I knew that if I didn't get somewhere warm soon then I'd be lost. I felt myself slowing down, incapable of moving any quicker. I looked all around but all I could see was white; no buildings, no TARDIS.

As I felt the cold bite at my fingers, I fell into the snow, my heart slowing. This was it.

"I love you." I whispered as I waited for death to come.

But it didn't. He did.

The End

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