Serenata: Sweet DreamsMature

I had fed Gabriel, put a nappy on him, and he was now sleeping soundly in Dad’s old cot.

I smiled as one of his arms flailed out to his side, his little fist opening and closing.

I jumped involuntarily as Matthew wrapped his arms around me, kissing my cheek.


“Hello my dear,” He murmured into my hair.


I laughed, “You talk differently now,”


He pulled back, alarmed, “I do? Is that bad?”


I shook my head, pulling his arms back around me, “No; you’re still my Matthew,”


Matthew’s voice had become more mature sounding, his vocabulary almost as large as Dad’s. And I knew why – he was much older than he seemed.


He had reluctantly showed me his memories after bugging him for the better half of an hour.

They had been dark and twisted, filled with murder and death. And through his eyes, I saw that he felt pain every time he did something wrong, a sharp emotional stab which told him that it was wrong. But of all the lives he had lived and all his losses, he couldn’t see the truth. It only took one love to change that.


Mum had wanted to try and find Dad, but when she had put on a thermo suit and stepped outside the TARDIS, she found that the hole he had fallen down into opened up into Kovarian’s base, below the ice. He was nowhere to be seen, which usually meant he was up to something clever. So we left him to it, attending to the newest addition to our family while we waited for him to return.


Gabriel’s eyes fluttered open gently, exhausted infant whimpers escaping from his tiny lips.

I put my hand in the cot, touching his smooth baby skin. His small fingers wrapped around my index finger.

I was just as exhausted as he was. I felt as though I would fall over at any moment.


“You alright darling?” Matthew kissed my neck. I shivered with delight in response.


“Tired,” I mumbled, leaning into him, my head resting on his chest.


He stroked my back, holding me close.

I untwined my finger gently from Gabriel’s as Matthew scooped me up into his arms.

He carried me to bed, half asleep in his arms.

Sweet dreams filled my mind, sleep overcoming me.

The End

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