Bellona: The PenMature

Never had I been so glad to see that mad man.

He looked quite funny with the straw hat on his head, but I didn’t say a word.

Holding the pen tightly in my hand, I headed out of the generator room along the corridor.

It didn’t matter what the Doctor was going to do.

Hell, it didn’t even matter what the pen he had given me was meant to do.

I simply obeyed, knocking on the control room door.


A guard opened the door from the inside.

Madame Kovarian was monitoring the cameras, as usual.


“Sere escaped,” She growled angrily.


I nodded numbly, then, realizing she had her back to me, I croaked out a hoarse, “Yes,”

Now, how I was going to give her the pen without it being awkward or suspicious…


I turned it over and over in my hands, meandering casually up next to her.

“Are you going to stop them?” I asked her.


Kovarian shook her head. Something was wrong.

She didn’t look at me, and I could’ve sworn her face was stained red from crying.


“It’s too late. Kiril is gone,”


It was quite rare for her to use his first name around others.


“What do you mean, gone?” I asked her gently, tossing the pen from one hand to the other.


Her head whipped around when her eye caught the motion, her claw-like hand whipping out to grab it.


“What’s this?” Her good eye stared at me.


“I found it in the generator room,” Okay, not exactly found it, per say…


Kovarian tucked it into her pocket, returning her attention to the computer monitors.

We remained silent for quite some time, each of us watching the lines of codes and the views of the cameras.

The outside shot of the base showed the TARDIS just outside the perimeter. Sere was nowhere to be seen.

I hoped this meant she’d made it and not that she’d been buried in snow.


Kovarian stood suddenly. She braced her hands against the counter, breathing deeply.


“Madame?” I murmured, afraid to raise my voice above a whisper.


She turned to me with a look of hatred, “You,”


Withdrawing a pistol from a holster at her hip, she aimed the barrel at my head.


“This is your fault!”


I really hoped that pen would do something.


The End

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