Doctor: TacticsMature

I woke up a couple of minutes later, my head aching. I ignored the pain and got up, trying to figure out how far I had fallen. Too far to jump. I looked around me and when I found a wall, I ran over to it, looking for something to use to help me climb to the surface but there was nothing. I tried jumping, just to check.

In the end, I found myself rushing down the corridor, trying to find another way out. I hoped that River and Matthew had found Serenata already and hadn't fallen like I had. I felt so powerless. It was only when I came to a door that I realised where I was. This was Kovarian's base.

"Time to end this." I muttered to myself, getting the door open.

I wandered through the complex quickly, looking for her. Instead, I found a guard.

"You are not allowed in here." he said forcefully.

"Do you know who I am?" I bellowed, eyes aflame.

"No." he replied weakly.

"I have many names." I said stepping forward. "It differs across the universe, some long and complicated that even I can barely pronounce, but the name I like the most is simple. To most it means healer but some it means warrior. Figured it out yet?"

The man nodded, raising his gun. I sighed, closing my eyes and pulling a small ball from my pocket. "What is that?" He asked, his voice betraying his fear.

"A golf ball." I replied, handing it over. I smiled at him reassuringly, waiting. He raised it to his eyes for a closer inspection when it activated. Suddenly, the room filled with jovial music, making the guard drop the ball and aim his gun at me, his finger hesitating on the trigger. As the golf ball bounced on the ground, it split open. He looked down at it, expecting something to come out. I took that chance to sneak past him, continuing on down the corridor until I found a door, which I locked when I was on the other side.

I found myself in what looked like a generator room. I inspected the generator, crawling underneath it to get a better look. Luckily that meant that when someone came into the room, dragging what looked like a body with them, they didn't see me. They pushed the body up into the corner before kneeling down in front of it. They looked fairly familiar, but I couldn't quite place them. I needed a better look.

I slid out of my hiding place and moved over to her. She was sobbing quietly over the corpse of a young man in uniform.

"What did he do wrong Bellona?" I asked, making her jump. She fell from her position, landing on his body. "What was his name?"

"Doctor! You scared me!" she replied, picking herself up.

"Let me tell you what you have done." I sneered. "My daughter is out there on the surface of this planet, screaming in pain."

"Oh god. I had a plan Doctor! I wanted to help I swear!" she screamed in response.

"You can still help. But the question is, can I trust you?"

She nodded but that didn't escape the fact that she had betrayed my trust and had put my family at risk. I needed a backup plan, just in case.

"Please Doctor. Let me help."

"So take this." I said, handing her a pen that was a little bit more than just a pen. "And give it to Kovarian."

"Why?" she asked.

"Just do it." I instructed harshly, watching her leave.

"And what will you do?" she asked from the doorway.

I placed a straw hat on my head and held a torch in my mouth, with a battery-operated fan in one hand and a conch shell in the other. "Something clever." I mumbled, diving under the generator.

The End

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