River: Lost and FoundMature

I saw him fall but I kept running, desperate to get to Sere. I avoided the large hole in the ground that he had found and knelt down by her side, squeezing her hand. She was still alive but it didn't look good.

"Matthew! Get over here!" I yelled, trying to lift her up.

"I can't see him!" He replied, staring into the hole. "He must be trying to get out or something."

I nodded urgently, ushering him over with my hand. He darted across the snow, only tripping once. He appeared at my side sooner than I had expected and helped me to lift Sere.

We walked quickly but carefully back to the ship, letting her put all of her weight on us. I could feel her trembling in fear; she needed help. I elbowed the door open and sidled into the warm console room, Sere and Matthew by my side. We lowered her to the floor gently, my eyes filling with tears.

"Start getting her out of that suit." I instructed, going outside. I shut the door behind me and trudged over to where he had fallen. I looked down and Matthew was right; there was no sign of him. Or at least no signs of life.

It was still snowing so I couldn't see terribly well but I hesitated a second longer, trying to figure out what he had fallen into. For just a moment, the snow settled and I looked into a corridor. He must have fallen into Kovarian's base, or at least part of some underground complex. I smiled, knowing that he'd be able to find his way out so I got back to the ship.

Inside I found Matthew offering Sere blankets, both now out of their thermosuits. I shut the door quickly and started to take mine off, cursing into it when it got stuck.

Then she screamed. It was beginning. I nodded confidently at Matthew; we could do this.

We had to do this.

I wanted the Doctor there with me. He should have been there. I hoped that he was alright as we got Sere to regulate her breathing and tried to figure out what else we needed to do to help her give birth.

The End

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