Doctor: Warming UpMature

I instantly regretted opening the door, feeling the cold lap at my fingers as it flowed through the crack in the crack. 

I was frozen to the spot and didn't know what to do. We would all be trapped here if I didn't think of something quick. But what? My mind whirred, going as fast as it could in the cold temperatures. I could feel my hearts slow and my lungs contract. I was running out of time quick. 

I heard a noise echoing from outside. At first I thought it was just the icy wind but it sounded familiar. It was Serenata. She was out there. 

And she was laughing. 

An idea struck me and I started to breath as heavily as I could. In moments, my mouth could move slightly, my lips curling over my teeth. With all my force, I bit down. 

I forced my hearts to beat faster and started to wiggle my fingers. I could feel my blood pumping around my body faster. I could withstand the cold and fight it. I only needed one more burst of energy. 

A scream filled my ears. My daughter needed me. My body moves in slow motion, shutting the door. With the cold shut out, it became a lot easier to move so I dashed to the console and sorted the heating out before pulling three thermosuits from the wardrobe, pulling one on quickly. 

"She needs us." I yelled as I reached the door. "I'm going. Catch me up." I traipsed over to the door, opening it and exiting my ship. I pulled the door shut and dashed through the snow. 

I needed to find her. I ran as fast as I could, tripping over a couple of times. I could see her in the distance. I was so close. 

Then I fell through the snow. I found myself falling into a dark abyss but I didn't care. I needed to get to my Serenata. When I hit the ground, not only did it smash up my thermosuit and let the cold in, but it knocked me out.

The End

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