Serenata: Into the ColdMature

In the depths of my deep slumber, I had heard Bellona talking to me. She told me it had all gone wrong, that the plan was no more. I'd never even learned what the plan was.

She'd revealed it all to Kovarian, she said. It was either telling her or risking my life. I was glad for that, I suppose.

What I had been unable to tell Bellona was that I had a plan as well. A plan that was dangerous to both my life and my baby's but I didn't have a choice. I saw no other way out.

It involved Dr. Vanessa.

She had told me she was going to try something. A virus, she said. It would make the computer think that something had gone wrong, putting the base into an emergency shutdown - except my door would open and my bindings would be undone. From there, I could only hope I could move enough while I was under to be able to get the oxygen mask off my face.

That day was today.

My bindings had already been undone by Dr. Vanessa, all that was left was the door. It clicked open, the camera powering down with a loud high pitched squeal.

I concentrated all my remaining energy on my hand and my arm, willing it to move up. It was hard grueling work as though I were moving through mud. Finally my fingers found the mask. I pulled hard on the tube connected there, gasping as clean oxygen poured into my lungs.

I opened my eyes. The room was dark - the lights had been shut off. Green and yellow lights gleamed in the darkness from the computers and other various equipment.

I sat up very slowly, conscious of my swollen stomach. I wrapped my arms around it and began to sob. I couldn't help it. I tried to stop, but the tears kept coming.

I rocked back and forth, gasping in shaky breaths.

I couldn't sit here though. I had to move before Kovarian's guards realized what had happened.

Swinging my legs to the floor, I attempted to stand. My knees buckled beneath me, fingers scrabbling for something to hold onto before I fell completely.

I found the counter, staggering as I braced myself against it. A sharp pain stabbed my lower back as I took my hands away from the counter, standing on my own.

Clutching my stomach, I hobbled as best I could to the door, pushing it open.

The entire building was dark. It was cold too. Very cold. I shivered, leaning against the wall for support as I made my way down the corridor.

The occasional light flickered above me, the power trying to come back on.

A hand suddenly gripped mine. I looked up in surprise to see Kiril.

"Hello," He said lamely, grinning lopsidedly.

"What are you doing?" I hissed, glancing around nervously.

"Helping you," He murmured, supporting me with his arm.

I found I could move much quicker with his help.

"Why? Aren't you on Kovarian's side?"

Kiril frowned, "I'm not sure who's side I'm on. I just know that this is wrong," He murmured.

We continued on in silence. I studied his face in the dim light, the dark shifting blue eyes that gleamed when the lights flickered. He looked like his father. He had the same dark hair, the same jaw line. The only difference I could see was some of his facial features and his haunting cobalt eyes.

"Wait a moment," I gasped as pain caused my legs to ache.

He stopped, allowing me to lean against the wall.

I slid down the length of it, hugging my stomach. I sat on the cold floor, watching as Kiril stared at the ceiling.

"I don't believe it," He gasped, a gleeful look crossing his face. For a moment he looked much younger than he was.

"What is it?" I tried to stand, bracing my back against the wall. Rising unsteadily, I watched as he reached up to the low ceiling, fumbling with something there.

"It's an emergency exit hatch - a way out! There should be a room above here with thermo suits and an airlock," A large circular hatch swung down, steam hissing from hydraulics.

Kiril unfurled a rope ladder, clambering up it. He paused in the middle, looking down at me.

"When I'm up, grab onto the rungs and I'll pull you. You don't have to climb,"

I nodded.

When he was inside the room, he motioned for me to get on the ladder. I clung to it like a drowning rat as he hauled me upwards.

The room above was stark white, like the rest of the building. A thermo suit hung inside a glass closet on one end, a large airlock on the other.

There was only one suit.

"Kiril, what about you?" I murmured as he opened the closet, removing the single suit.

"Don't worry about me. You'll see me soon," He smiled, his eyes alighting on my stomach.

I touched it self consciously, realizing what he meant.

"Okay," I agreed, taking the suit.

It was dark black, the hood lined with fur. A white face mask was inside which came up to my eyes, covering my nose. I slid into the full body suit as best I could, zipping it up.

Kiril cranked open the airlock just as an alarm peeled through the building below.

"Hurry!" He cried as I dashed past him into the airlock.

He closed the door behind me, and I opened the one into the outside.

A blast of icy wind almost whipped my hood off. The thermo suit kept me warm for the most part, the material designed for the harsh environment.

The land outside was a wasteland, white for as far as the eye could see. I was tired of white. I missed the orange interior of the TARDIS, the sparks that always seemed to fly from the controls. And the blue of the exterior, the prettiest blue I had ever seen. Except maybe Kiril's eyes.

I laughed to myself, staggering into the deep snow. The thermo suit boots crunched in with each step, breaking the eerie silence of Rikavis.

How long did the endless white go on? I found myself lost in the memories of my family as I continued on across the icy surface of the planet.

The cold was starting to get to me. I couldn't concentrate very well.

My legs began to shake, my body shuddering from the cold. I collapsed into the snow, my face freezing as my cheek sank into the soft whiteness.

I curled myself around my stomach, wailing into the nothingness, 

"My baby! Oh God please no!"

The tears that left my eyes froze immediately, clinging to my skin.

I was going to die, in the cold, alone, taking an innocent child's life with me.


The End

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