Bellona: SickMature

I felt sick.

Six months ago I was forced to give Madame Kovarian my plan. All of it. Everything was ruined. I swore my allegiance to her by killing a human prisoner at the base. I can still see his face in my mind, hear his pleas to let him live. Forever trapped in my head is the sound of the gun cracking, the bullet sliding down the shaft before striking him in the heart – dead.

Now I stood once more before the window into Serenata’s room, watching her sleep. Kovarian had ordered her to be put to sleep without regular awakenings every month. She had been dead to the world for exactly six months. Sere was now eight months pregnant. Her swollen stomach heaved up and down with every breath, her face a pale white mask.


It was all my fault. I had betrayed my friend, taken her away from her love and now her baby would be stolen from her, Sere left to die.

It wasn’t fair.

Kiril appeared beside me, pressing his hand to the glass.


“What do we do now?” His voice sounded hoarse as though he had either been crying or shouting rather loudly.


“I don’t know,” My breath formed fog on the glass. It was still damn cold in the base, even with all the furnaces on blast. Frost had begun to gather in the corners of every room.


“We wait,” I said, patting Kiril’s shoulder.


But what were we waiting for? For Sere to die? The dismal future in which the Doctor and River were dead?


I sighed raggedly, turning away from the window. I had duties to attend to.

Kovarian was going to prep me for my next mission.

I thought briefly of how many I was to kill this time.

Shuddering, I walked briskly down the hall, banishing the thought.

I left Kiril standing by the window still, a solitary tear sliding down his pallid cheek.


The End

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