Jenny: TeamworkMature

It took me a while to catch up with River as she ran so fast through the settlement. When I found her, she was clinging onto her Doctor with everyone else slowly moving out of the tower.

"All sorted up there?" The Doctor nodded solemnly, pushing past me. River offered me an apologetic look. I ran up to my Doctor and hugged him, glad to see that he was alright.

"We tried to save Donna." I explained and he smiled to me. He knew. "So what are we going to do?"

We soon found ourselves at the TARDIS standing alone in the courtyard. The older Doctor stood in front of the door, his eyes glistening.

"We are going to save Donna, which will be easy knowing the Monk. Then we are going." He stopped mid-sentence, looking at his younger self. "Maybe you should set the coordinates to land by my ship?" My Doctor nodded, moving into the ship. "Then we are going to find Sere and save her, which will be harder knowing Kovarian. Then we are done. Any questions?"

"How are we going to save Donna?" I asked after about a minute of silence.

"Do something incredibly dangerous." His boyish grin grew as he pushed into the ship, beaming. "Wow. It's been such a long time since I was here." He laughed, caressing the walls. "Just as beautiful."

"Ready?" Dad asked from the console. We were all standing around the console looking at Dad expectantly as the older Doctor admired the room.

"Not as sexy." He muttered under his breath before nodding to himself. As Dad enjoyed toying with the console, I saw Matthew talking with his Doctor, clearly discussing something serious. Moments later, we landed, the Doctor opening the door to reveal another TARDIS.

"There we go." Dad said with a smile.

"Right. River and Matthew, in my ship. Jenny, you should stay here. Maybe travel for a bit." He smiled at me.

"Do you remember us travelling?" I asked him as he stood at the door, taking one last look at me.

"Not yet. But think of all the marvellous things we will do." He pulled the door to and I raced over to Dad.

"What is going on?" I questioned, standing at the console.

"We're going to be rather clever." He said with a cheeky smile. "I ram the Monk's ship and then we follow him to wherever it is he lands next. My future self remembers so he materialises where the Monk was supposed to land, sending him off course. As he tries to sort things out, I nip into his ship and get back Donna and before he knows what's going on, my future self will do something extremely reckless and send the Monk's TARDIS flying off into the vortex and he won't be able to control it at all."

"And it's going to be that easy?"

"Just you watch." He said, putting his arm around me. And I did just that, watching my father be amazing and save his friend.

"Jenny!" Donna yelped as she was shoved into the ship. "Good to see you again!"

I hugged her. "You too Donna."

"So are you going to stay with us for a bit?" she asked, elbowing Dad. He nodded eagerly, tapping on the controls.

"Thank you Doctor." I whispered under my breath.

"Now one thing," Donna said as she started to show me around the ship. "Don't ever call me Mum."

The End

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