Matthew: The MonkMature

I awoke groggily. There was a presence in my mind that weighed down my whole being. I couldn’t move, it was too painful. There was more than one thing in my mind now, another had entered. But it was tearing away at the first presence, devouring it. I sighed as the pressure was relieved. I fought with the remaining creature, throwing it away from me.

Something wet and slimy trickled from ear, falling onto the wooden floor.

Opening my eyes, I examined my surroundings. I was in a round room with stone walls, a small window on one end.


My head throbbed, and this time it wasn’t those damn drums.

Sitting up, I rubbed my temples thoughtfully. The tenth incarnation of the Doctor was lying next to me, just beginning to stir.


“Oi,” I pushed his shoulder, “Wake up sleeping beauty,”


He groaned, rolling over, “Five more minutes, Rose,” He muttered, returning to snoring rather loudly.


I rolled my eyes, rising to my feet. On the floor, lying in two clumps were the remains of the parasites which had done away with the entity that had been inside of our minds. They had shriveled up and died; stunned from us, no doubt.


There was a hatch in the middle of the floor, a large metal ring attached to it. Wandering over to it, I pulled on the ring. The hatch swung open, clanging against the floor.


“I DIDN’T DO IT I SWEAR!” The tenth Doctor bellowed, leaping to his feet.


I arced an eyebrow, studying him. He was in a karate stance, trench coat hanging off his broad shoulders. His eyes were wild; his hair messed up all over the place.


“Calm down – there’s no danger,” I muttered, peering down into the room below us.


To my surprise, the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor was standing just below the hatch, grinning up.


“Milord Doctor,” I greeted him, smiling pleasantly.


He bowed his head in return, “Milord Master,”


I flinched at the sound of my old name, “Please. Matthew is fine,”


He frowned, “Really? Hmm…” He pondered this for a moment, nodding.


“Alright then. Milord Matthew,”

The eleventh grinned manically, “Never thought I’d get to say that,”

I laughed, “Any chance we can come down?”


He disappeared from view, returning with a rickety wooden ladder which he propped up in the entrance to the hatch.


“Yep!” He answered.


We clambered down the length of it, arriving at the first floor of the tower. Not a very tall tower I noticed. It had to be the tower though by the light headedness I had from the altitude. Was it on top of a hill? Must be…




The double doors to the tower’s bottom floor burst open, River flying in. She threw herself onto the eleventh Doctor, clutching onto him.


“Alright, everything’s alright,” He chuckled, stroking her curly blonde hair.


She shook her head, pulling away to look up at him, “No, everything’s not. He has Donna. That man has Donna,” She stammered, fingers digging into his tweed coat.


The eleventh sucked in his breath, a determined look chiseled on his boyish face.


“Okay, now he’s crossed a line,” He growled, holding his wife close.


“Doctor, who is he anyway?” I asked.

The tenth Doctor shrugged nonchalantly but the eleventh fixed me with a piercing, angry stare. I knew he wasn’t angry at me, but it still sent chills up my spine all the same. There was many a time when the Doctor was cross at me, and usually it meant I was soon to die.


“The Monk,”


Oh dear.

The End

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