Donna: EscapeMature

We were stood by the door, waiting for him to come back.

"That damn man." He said, shoving the door open. I smiled, waiting to use my weapon. "You can always count on him to mess things up."

The lights activated and River stuck her foot in the door just before it shut. I was about to leave but River caught my hand.

"What did he do?" She said, making him turn in shock.

"This really isn't my day." He muttered, a disgruntled look on her face. River raised her weapon.

"Answer the question." She shouted, her voice rather threatening.

"The Doctor has taken a rather nasty alien parasite into his brain." He frowned.

"And what do you care?" I asked, stepping further into the ship.

"If that thing eats the mind of a Timelord then we are all doomed. There are things inside here," He tapped his head. "That should not get out. Not ever."

There was real, true fear in his eyes. This was serious. "So what do we do?"

He moved over to the console, flipping a couple of switches. "No." River yelled, opening the door and dashing through. "Donna! Now!"

"What do we do? How the hell do we save him?" I was up in his face, screaming at the top of my lungs.

"There is nothing we can do. Normally a Timelord like him would be able to deal with a thing like that but the temporal schism that has opened up here is making things a lot worse." He continued to work at the console, his concentration drifting from me.

"What temporal schism?" River asked from outside.

He turned and looked at us. "You don't know yet do you?"

"What?" I asked, blocking his path. "Tell us."

"I thought I'd get away with it. Then the Doctor turns up. Then he goes and turns up again in another body. Then we have another Timelord who shouldn't be here. I had them all trapped but then they thought their way out and left just one Doctor in there." He said, pushing me out of the way.

"Which one?" River asked as I grabbed his arm.

"But the two of them sort of shorted each other out. Mental consequence of the Blinovitch Limitation Effect. It stops the world going boom but weakens the mental defences."

I stopped him. "Which one?" It couldn't be my Doctor. No.

"River! The Doctor needs us!" Jenny ran over to River, shouting. They stood at the door to the ship, waiting for me. "Come on Donna!"

"There is one thing we can do, my dear Donna." He said, his face building a small smile. "Run away."

His fist slammed onto a button and the door to the ship flew shut. Within seconds the central column rose and fell as his ship flew through the time vortex.

"Take me back!" I yelled, hitting the door hard, not caring how much it hurt my fists.

"We can't go back." He said confidently. "Not ever. They are all dead. Be grateful I saved you."

I slumped against the door, reluctant to let my emotions get the better of me. "You kidnapped me!" I screamed but my heart wasn't in it. I was concerned about him. At least he had River and Jenny to save him.

I just didn't know who would save me.

The End

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