Doctor: Risking it AllMature

I knew that I had just done a very bad thing but there wasn't else that we could have done. There was no other way.

I fell to the floor, noticing Matthew do the same, seconds before my head hit the ground. I could taste the floor as I pushed myself onto my knees, wondering if there had been anything wrong with the horse who had fouled the ground there.

"What?" The Monk yelled.

"Well don't we make a good team!" I shouted, helping Matthew up. When he fell back down, I wasn't really surprised. "Ok, should have seen that coming."

"What have you done?" The Monk asked, looking on in fear.

"We have trapped it in our minds. But he threw me out to save us. Now I am free." I smiled, running over to Jenny. "And we can save them."

The Monk was still afraid. "Do you know what that thing was?" His eyes told me all I needed to know. He shook his head before rushing off.

"We have a choice." I said to Jenny quickly. "Either we save them now or we go after him and find River and..." I paused. "Donna?" Jenny nodded, thinking it over.

"What about if we split up?" she suggested. "I'll go after him and you deal with them." We smiled and shared a brief hug. She looked at me and smiled. "She'll be fine, Dad."

"I know. I know." I looked down, thinking about Sere. "Do you know what you'll do?"

She looked around. "Well I don't know where he went so I don't know. What will you do?"

I smiled. "See that tower up there?" We both followed my finger as it pointed. "There is a nasty alien thing up there. It eats minds. So the plan is  to feed these two to it. It eats the creature and we are all happy."

"Are you sure that's safe?" she looked concerned.

"I best be off." I said, pulling Matthew up.

"Dad. Is it safe?"

"The old me destroyed that thing up there so it will work." I said confidently.

"Good luck." She said as she raced off.

"But time can be rewritten." I muttered under my breath. "And if this doesn't work out then I won't exist. No pressure."

The End

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