Matthew: The ReturnMature

I picked myself up off the ground, rubbing the back of my aching skull. This was the second time today I’d been hit with a gun.

I stood to see that the man who had struck me was aiming his weapon at Jenny.

Throwing myself at him, I prayed that it would be enough.


That’s when everything slowed down. The bullet halted in the barrel of the gun, sparks frozen in the air. But I didn’t stop. I fell, missing the man’s legs by inches.


“What the hell?”


Rising to my feet, I glanced around the bizarre scene on the drawbridge. Jenny was frozen in a half crouch, hands flung up in front of her, her face contorted in fear.


The two Doctors, however, were back.


“Well that’s rubbish,” Jenny’s Doctor exclaimed.


Sere’s Doctor walked over to the man, waving his hand in front of his face.


“What happened to the…thing?” I asked shakily, afraid of the answer.


Jenny’s Doctor shoved his hands in his trench coat pockets, “If I’m right – which I’m almost always am – It’s entered reality,”


I swallowed, “Which means?”


An earsplitting inhuman shriek answered my question. I whirled around to see a gigantic mass of black smoke, grotesque faces forming in the ash to snarl and bare their teeth at us. It drifted across the hills, a massive entity that was hungry for our flesh.


I remembered the man’s words suddenly, my breath catching in my throat.


The second they release them, the thing that is in their mind will be free to attack and will kill them both.


I realized what had gone wrong. The Doctors were still frozen.

By touching them for that brief moment, I had become trapped by the monstrosity, frozen as well.


A familiar drumming soothed me, my hearts calming down to an even rythym, matching the sound of the drums.

I smiled whispering to the wind, “I can do this,”


“Matthew….” Sere’s Doctor warned, a hand clamping down on my shoulder.

I shrugged him off, turning to face him, “Doctor –,” Jenny’s Doctor pointed to himself, “No not you, the other one! Yes you – You know what I am. And whatever that may be, it might be enough to stop it correct?”


The Doctors glanced at each other. Sere’s Doctor sighed, “Yes, having another full Time Lord might be enough to tip the scales. But…..” He trailed off, tugging at a corner of his bowtie.


“But what?” I demanded.


“You are a danger. To everyone,”


I clenched my jaw in anger. I could help! I know I could.


“Please,” I begged him, glancing back to see that the creature was getting closer, black tendrils reaching out for us.


Jenny’s Doctor said nothing, a slightly confused look on his face as he observed I and the other Doctor’s interactions.


Sere’s Doctor sighed, “Alright. But as soon as that thing is taken care of, you are going straight back in here,” He pulled the silver watch from his pocket, offering to me reluctantly.


Jenny’s Doctor gasped, “Is that what I think it is?”


I took it, grinning gleefully, giggling like a school boy, “You bet it is!” I cried, snapping it open.

A golden mist drifted from it, pouring into my mind. It connected, grasping me in a death grip.


Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea….


The End

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