Jenny: Double TroubleMature

I smiled when I saw the Doctor approach, having lowered the drawbridge once I heard him shouting. He was with that boy, Matthew. I was about to ask where the others were when he hugged me. "Thanks for that." He said.

"No problem." I whispered as the embrace finished. Matthew shook my hand; he had quite a firm grip.

That was when I noticed the Doctor had started to wander off. We caught up with him but by then he was talking with someone else. My Doctor. Oh.

"We best make this brief." The other Doctor said, the one with the floppy hair.

"So you don't remember? I wonder what happens to me."

"Us." He corrected. "Even if I knew, you know I couldn't tell you. Me."

My Doctor smiled at me. "So you found Jenny!" His vision reverted back to his future self. "Have you lost anyone else?"

"What makes you think I've lost anyone in the first place?" He played with his bowtie, trying to defend himself.

"It's me." They both smiled, sharing a brief laugh before getting serious again. They looked at us, then back to each other.

"Contact?" The older one said.

"Contact." The younger one agreed and they both fell into some trance. I tugged on my Doctor's arm but he didn't budge. I looked over to Matthew, biting my lip.

"So he's your Dad?" He asked, closing in on the older Doctor. I nodded, nuzzling my head into the arm of my Doctor.

"But I haven't seen him in such a long time. And he hasn't seen me." I added, realising what that meant. I wasn't going to go travelling with him. He was going to forget all of this even happened, including me.

"So are you a Timelord?"

"Partly." I explained, telling him the brief version of my story. "Do you know what they're doing?"

He nodded. "It's like a conference in their minds. Mind. I'm not sure."

"So could we join in?" I asked, smiling at him. He seemed sweet; I couldn't tell why the Doctor didn't seem to trust him.

"I probably could." He said, taking the hands of both of them. His eyes widened in fear, dropping the hands at once. He staggered to the floor in pain. I helped him up, asking what had happened.

"There is something else in there. They warned me off before it trapped me too. But it saw me. It's coming after us." He shook as he spoke, as if he had just seen a ghost.

That was when a man approached the four of us, holding a gun. "Silly boy." He said, smacking Matthew with his weapon. "You're playing with the big boys now."

"The Doctor will defeat you." I said defiantly.

"You see, Jenny, he won't. Do you want to know why?" He smirked at me. "Their minds are linked. The second they release them, the thing that is in their mind will be free to attack and will kill them both. But, being Timelords they will regenerate, two of the same person regenerating at the same time. Now that is dangerous, especially when they are right next to each other."

I looked at the Doctors, both frozen, their faces showing their concentration. They could do this.

"Do you know what happens when two streams of similar yet conflicting regenerative energy come into contact?" He asked, laughing. I shook my head. "You don't want to know, my dear. You don't want to know."

The End

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