Serenata: WeepMature

Time ticked by far too slowly.

I tried to open my eyes almost every five minutes, but to no avail.

I’d already thrown up several times that day, the sick drying on the inside of the mask and around my mouth.

When the hell was Dr. Vanessa going to see it and clean it up?

No way was I going to have that shit on my face for a whole month.

Finally, the mask shifted letting in clean air, a wet cloth wiping my mouth.

I opened my eyes a crack, looking up to see Bellona instead of Dr. Vanessa.


“B?” I murmured, fighting to remain conscious.


She looked down at me sadly, a smile tugging the corners of her lips,

“Hey trooper. Did you get my message?”


I nodded as the darkness crowded my vision, the mask secured once more to my face.


“Good. Sorry about turning traitor and all,”


I tried to answer but my lips and tongue wouldn’t obey.


“See ya round,” She held my hand, applying pressure for a moment, before releasing it. And she was gone.


I was left alone, in the dark, with nothing but the faint double heartbeat of my baby to comfort me.

A little shiver ran through my body with anticipation.

But then I remembered. I would never hold the baby, never name him or her.

I wept silently, tears falling down my face, scratching red salty marks into my skin.

The tears of a Time Lord.


The End

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