Bellona: Beginnings Of The PlanMature

I placed my hand on the scanner, praying that it would unlock. A loud buzz and an electric shock to my palm answered my question; my bio-signature was not in the system.


Cursing, I kicked the glass door repeatedly. Maybe it would break.


“What are you doing?” I whirled around to see Dr. Vanessa, the woman who was looking after Serenata.


“Trying to get in to this room,” I admitted, wiping a stray curl of my hair out of my face, “Kovarian’s orders,” Okay, that bit was lie.


Dr. Vanessa nodded, placing her hand to the scanner. The door chirped, almost cheerfully, before swinging open.


“Thanks,” I muttered, darting inside before she had time to question why Kovarian wanted me in there.


Sere seemed so weak and fragile, her complexion blending in to the white room around her. Guilt stabbed at my heart.


I went to her side, absently playing with a strand of her snow white hair.


“Hey Sere,” I murmured.


There was no response. It was like she was in a coma.

I looked over my shoulder. Dr. Vanessa had stayed outside.



I bent down, putting my lips near Sere’s ear.


“Don’t worry. I have a plan,” I reached for her hand, squeezing it tight, “I’m so sorry,”


I stood as Dr. Vanessa entered the room, “What did you tell her?” She looked concerned, her eyebrows knitting together.


I shoved my way past her, out the door, choosing not to respond to her question.


My plan was in action. Sere and I were getting out of this hellhole.


The End

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