Matthew: Knights of the Blue BoxMature

I frowned, “Well um….Matthew,” I said, answering the Doctor’s question.


The Doctor paused for a moment, looking back at me from the controls, “Not Koschei?”


I shuffled my feet, “Well…I don’t remember anything except that name and some other stuff,”


He came at me, “What stuff!?”


I found that my eyes had grown as wide as saucers, “Mind getting out of my face first?”


He nodded, backing up a few steps. I took in a breath and launched into a retelling of the memory I had gained from the diamond he had shown me.


When I was finished, I stood quietly, leaning against the railing.


The Doctor away for a moment, towards the TARDIS, “You remember that?” He murmured.




A sharp point dug into my back suddenly, “In the name of the King, you are hereby put under arrest for witchcraft,”


I looked over my shoulder to see a man on a horse with a sword tip in my back. The man had medium length black hair and dark brown eyes which were fixed upon the TARDIS with a mixture of fear and wonder.


The Doctor closed the doors to the TARDIS, spinning round to face the rider, “I believe this will explain everything,” He whipped out a sheet of paper in a leather case, showing it to the man.


The rider sheathed his sword. I released a sigh of relief as the point was pulled back from between my shoulder blades.


“Sorry milord! If I had known –”

The Doctor raised a hand, silencing him,

“No need my good man; it was an easy mistake,”


The rider nodded, reining back his agitated horse who was trying to bolt away from the odd blue box.


“Carry on good knights!” The rider galloped away into the distance, towards a small village on the horizon.


“Knights?” I looked to the Doctor, raising an eyebrow.


The Time Lord grinned at me, “It said we were the Knights of the Blue Box!”


I couldn’t help but groan. How long was that cover-up story going to last?

The End

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