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I had walked right into Kovarian's trap. River had been right; I should never have trusted Bellona.

As they disappeared, I grabbed Matthew, pulling him out of the water and slapping him. He woke slowly, clearly dazed by Bellona's brutality.

"Koschei. We don't have much time." I uttered quickly. "I need to know. Is this as bad as I think it is?"

He nodded weakly. "I am sorry Doctor."

"Why? Why did you have to do it?" I turned away from him, tears welling up. I slammed my fist against the TARDIS, apologising afterwards. "I should never have trusted you either."

I fumbled in my pocket for the key, pushing the door open.

"Wait." He mumbled, picking himself up.

"Why should I?" I yelled, anger building up. "I need to save my daughter."

"I love Sere." He said and I stopped closing the door behind me. "Let me help."

"Why the hell should I trust you?" I yelled from inside the ship, letting my emotions get the better of me.

He moved towards me, smiling an apology. "Because I love her."

I sighed loudly. "How do I know you aren't in on this? Working for Kovarian? You have betrayed me before." I wiped away my tears. "You killed me, remember? I regenerated because I thought that maybe, just maybe I could trust you to do what was right."

"This isn't about you." He said coldly. "It's about Sere." He was standing outside the ship, asking me to let him in.

I looked him in the eyes. "Can I trust you?" He reached out with his hand, offering it to me. He nodded slowly, meeting my gaze.

"Yes Doctor." We shook hands and I allowed a little smile to creep on my face. He entered my ship, closing the door behind him. As he turned back to the console, he jumped when he saw me so close to him.

"But if you betray me, or more importantly Sere, then there will be consequences." I held my face inches from his for another second before turning back to the console. "We'll need help. And I know exactly where to go. Pre-programmed flight 312035." I called out with glee. "I knew I'd need to go back there."

I smiled at him, unsure why. The TARDIS groaned and I darted over to the door, opening it and stepping out.

"Seems like such a long time ago." I said with a laugh. He stepped out next to me, confused.

"Where are we?" He asked.

That's when two natives came around the corner, looked at us and the blue box and ran away.

"Now one thing." I turned on my heels to face him. "What do we call you?"

The End

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