Serenata: Dr. VanessaMature

The sharp tang of chemicals on my tongue was making the whole inside of my mouth itch. I could hear and sense everything going on around me yet I could not move or open my eyes.

It was aggravating to say the least.

To my relief, the steady flow of gaseous elements and oxygen was becoming pure, less sedating.

I breathed deeply, my eyelids fluttering for just a moment to let in light for a few milliseconds.


“Miss Song? Miss Song, can you hear me?”


I pried my eyes open, peering out through half open lids.


A woman hovered above me. She had dark brown eyes and slightly curled black hair which was now tickling my neck as the woman hung over me.


She had an accent that I couldn’t quite place.

Was she Indian, perhaps? Yes, that was right. The woman was probably second generation; her parents were most likely from India.


“Yes,” I croaked hoarsely.


The world slowly came back into focus.

I was lying on a table, my wrists and ankles strapped down.

Panic, along with bile, rose in my throat. I fought against the restraints, my body bucking.


“Please calm down Miss Song,”


“Calm down?!” I gasped as the bindings cut into my skin from my struggling.


“You must calm down,” She put a soothing hand on my arm, warm in the cold bright room.


I felt my hearts slow down into an even steady rythym.


“My name is Dr. Vanessa,” She told me with a sad smile.


“Sere,” I murmured, glancing down to examine the damage I had done to my wrists. They were red and would probably bruise later but I hadn’t injured myself too badly.

“I’m Sere,”


I noticed they had changed my clothes to white hospital gown – was I even wearing underwear? I shifted my body to see. Nope.


“Where am I? Why am I here?”


Dr. Vanessa was sitting on a wheeled chair and now scooted over on it to a computer near the table I was lying on.


“You are in a base on the planet Rikavis. It is completely frozen. Nothing can live on the surface,”


She clicked away at the computer, images flashing on the monitor.


“You are here because you carry something that Madame Kovarian desires,”


I frowned, “Then why doesn’t she just take it from me?”


Dr. Vanessa spun around in the chair, “Because what you are carrying that she wants is a child,”


Memories of that fateful night with Matthew flashed through my mind.


“Oh my god,” I gasped, straining my neck to examine my stomach. Obviously I hadn’t been pregnant long.


“How long have I been out?” I let my head fall back to the cushion it had been resting on.


Dr. Vanessa stood, moving to a tray of various instruments.


“A month,”


I screwed my eyes shut, fighting back tears.


“What are you going to do to my baby?”


Dr. Vanessa sighed, returning to the table to look down at me, “I’m not sure. That is Kovarian’s business not mine,”


“Then what are you going to do me?” I pleaded with my eyes for her to tell me.


Dr. Vanessa suddenly appeared very old and world-weary, “We will…disable you once the baby is born,”


I didn’t like the sound of that.


“Dr. Vanessa,” I grabbed her wrist, “Do you have children?”


She tried to pull away so I tightened my grip. She looked down in surprise at my strength.

“Please,” I gasped.


She hesitated before answering, “Yes. A boy, six years old. His name is Tommy,”


I relaxed my hold on her wrist. But I didn’t let go.


“Then you must know that this is wrong,”


Dr. Vanessa nodded, pulling her hand away from mine, “She will hurt my family if I don’t do this,”


I closed my eyes, balling my fists, “Damn her then.”


Dr. Vanessa chuckled, “Yes, I agree. Damn Kovarian!”


She felt along the tube connected to the mask on my face, checking it.


“I’m going to have to put you under again until you have reached your second month,” She bent down to an oxygen bottle beside the table.


“Make it quick,” I whispered, relaxing as chemicals swarmed into my brain, dulling my thoughts.


The world faded away into the dark. I felt a tube being shoved down my nose and into my stomach. A feeding tube probably.


I was left to suffer the torture of knowing everything that was happening around me, unable to move or respond to any of it.


The End

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