Jenny: For the First TimeMature

I smiled as I watched Dad regain some semblance of control over the ship. This was my first time in the ship, his beloved TARDIS.

"Umm Doctor," River said. "We need to get back to Metamosa."

"Why?" He asked as he circled the console.

I looked to her, shaking my head. "We just do." I explained.

"You can't just pick us up and leave us where you want." River was being sterner than she had been before.

"Well I can't make any promises." He was now practically running around, sparks flying out in all directions. Donna yelped as some flew at her, dashing over to us.

"River, can't you do anything?" I asked.

"I can just about pilot the other one. We're talking about a completely different console here." She explained, taking another look at the ship.

"What are you talking about?" Donna asked, her hand on my shoulder.

"Nothing." I replied, smiling at her. Then Dad was caught in a minor explosion, getting thrown against the railings. I scrambled over to him, checking he was alright. He nodded bravely, reaching out to the console.

"Let me." River said, flicking the switch that he wanted to. Her hand hovered over a rather large button. "Is this the right one?" She asked with a flicker of a smile. Dad nodded and she landed the ship.

"You're good, River." He said, pulling himself up slowly. He shook her hand wildly, beaming his stupid smile. I went over to Donna who was beside the door.

"This is all new to you, isn't it Jenny?" I nodded, eager to find out what was outside.

"Can I?" I held the door, looking to Dad.

"Is it safe?" Donna asked, knowing he wouldn't check otherwise. He fiddled with the console, checking the screen. River looked over his shoulder and they nodded in agreement.

"Go ahead Jenny!" He yelled.

With a wide smile, I opened the door and stepped out into the light. As I regained my vision, I yelped and ducked as an arrow flew through the air, narrowly missing my head and hurtling into the TARDIS console, sparks flying out. I got up slowly, both hands stretched into the air.

"We come in peace!" I shouted, biting my lip slightly. When Dad came out behind me, I just smiled.

This was brilliant.

The End

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