Bellona: While Sere SleepsMature

I stared through a glass window which looked out into a white room filled with medical instruments, an operating table of some kind in the center, upon which laid Serenata Song.

Her wrists and ankles were strapped down tightly to prevent her from moving or injuring herself.
A mask was on her face to keep her sedated and breathing, a thin tube snaking down from it into an oxygen bottle sitting on the floor.


Madame Kovarian stood next to me, her ice cold hand on my shoulder. I fought the urge to shrug it off.


“She is the key to the future,” She tightened her grip; I winced in pain.


Her hand finally released my shoulder, sliding away. I breathed out a sigh of relief.


“You however…”


I looked up at her, fear tugging at the corners of my mind.


“I can be useful,” I blurted, “I’m sure I can help somehow,”


Kovarian studied me with her one eye, “You are a child. What could you possibly help with?”


I swallowed, fingering the collar of my shirt. Suddenly it felt like it was a noose, slowly tightening around my neck.


“I know how to use a gun. I’m not afraid to kill for our cause,” It wasn’t exactly a lie. I did know how to use a gun….killing was another story.


“Those are very brave words for someone your age,” She nodded as though she had decided something.


“You may stay with us for now,” I opened my mouth to thank her but she held up her hand, silencing me, “But, if you exceed your usefulness, I will get rid of you,”


I turned back to the window, watching Sere’s chest rise and fall, her eyes fluttering behind closed lids.

It seemed…wrong to do this. But at the same time, wasn’t it better than letting the Doctor, a cold hearted killer, wander free?

I wrestled with my thoughts and emotions for a moment before turning back to the Madame.


“Thank you,”


Madame Kovarian smiled, “It was my pleasure,”

I had a feeling she was being sarcastic.


“Your job will be to guard Serenata while she sleeps. I’m sure that won’t be too hard for you, will it?” She glanced at me.


I shook my head, “Of course not,”


As long as she didn’t wake up.

The End

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