River: ShipmatesMature

The woman called Donna shook my hand and we exchanged smiles as Jenny hugged the man. I figured that he must be the Doctor just before he looked like the man I know. 

"It is so good to see you Jenny!" He smiled, hugging her more. 

"I hate to break up the reunion but you got shot Jenny." Donna explained, offering half a smile. "What happened?"

"I must have had enough of Dad's Timelord DNA to regenerate but I didn't change my face." she smiled, hugging Donna as well. "Where's your other friend? What happened to her?"

"She went home." The Doctor explained, looking at me. "River. Nice to, well meet you."

"Well that isn't strictly true. We already know each other Doctor." I said with a smile. At that moment, Donna shot the Doctor a surprised look. He turned to me, wanting clarification. "Spoilers." I whispered with a wink. 

"So what brings you here?" Jenny asked. 

"His driving." Donna explained. 

I heard something from behind - it was one of the creatures. "We may need your help Doctor." I explained quickly. "This is Metamosa. You know what that means?"

He looked at me curiously. "Is that a no?" Donna asked, laughing. 

"There are spider monkeys here." Jenny explained quickly, noticing the creature approaching. 

"Like 'The Wizard of Oz'?" The Doctor asked with a smile. 

"Yes but these are real and deadly. Mind if we go on?" I asked. Donna backed into the ship so that Jenny could slip inside. The Doctor barred my access. 

"Where are we, River?" He asked. 

"Metamosa. I just said that. Will you let me in now?" I pushed past his arm, entering the ship. It looked a bit more classic than my Doctor's ship but it was still the TARDIS - you could tell that from the look of the console. 

"How nasty are they?" he asked from the door. 

"Will bite your hand off." Jenny said and the three of us laughed, watching the Doctor fight with the creature to close the door. I helped him shut it, smiling at him. 

"I owe you one." he muttered as he took me to the console. 

"More like the other way round." I whispered under my breath. 

We all fell against the railings as the central column moved up and down. "What did you touch Donna?" He shouted. 

"Nothing!" she replied as he pulled himself up, trying to control the craft.

"It's out of control!" he yelled. 

"Well where are we going?" she screamed as she pulled herself up next to him. 

"And how do we get back?" I asked Jenny. 

"Don't know." The Doctor and Jenny replied in unison. I sighed just as Donna did.

The End

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