Matthew: AssaultMature

“So…we just leave them there on Metamosa with dangerous creatures?” I asked the Doctor, still somewhat befuddled at his careless attitude towards all this.


“Like I said, all in the past – no worries! They’ll be back, I promise. Meanwhile, we can have an adventure all to ourselves,” He grinned, dashing around the controls as he guided his strange ship through time and space.


“So, where are we going?” Serenata asked him, her eyes bright with anticipation.


“Somewhere peaceful and without monsters I hope?” Bellona asked, leaning against the railing. She studied her nails casually, not looking up.


“Oh yes – you’ll love this place!” He thumped down a red lever and the ship lurched to a halt, the engines grinding magnificently.


Serenata raced to the doors, beating her father there, “Shall I?” She placed a hand on the door, those beautiful blue eyes twinkling like little stars.


The Doctor smiled, “Be my guest,”


She pushed open the doors to reveal a world beyond my wildest imagination. If I had to imagine the most wonderful, spectacular, dazzling place in the entire universe I do believe it would be here.

Stars twinkled against a lavender sky, a great ringed gaseous planet rising over the horizon, so far away and yet so huge it was as though you could reach out and touch it.

Sapphire water crashed against pure white rocks along a beach of equally white sand.

Elegant birds swooped over the water, fighting over the fish that swam there.


Sere stepped into the light of the ethereal planet, eyes wide in wonder.

I ran after her with glee, scooping her up into my arms and swinging her in circles.

She laughed hysterically, gasping for me to stop. I set her down and she collapsed to the ground, giggling.


“What’s the matter?” I chuckled, staring down at her.


Sere lay on her back, her hair spread out around her like a halo, “You,” She retorted, smirking.


I dove into her, tickling her stomach. She squealed, kicking her feet until her shoes flew off.


“Get off you big lug!” She cried, shoving me over into the sand.


The Doctor hovered over us, bemused by all this no doubt.


“Having fun?”


Sere’s response was to tackle me, sending us rolling over and over towards the water. With a splash, my clothes were soaked as was Sere’s.


She was on top of me, reminding me of when we –

Her lips met mine, warm and tender, erasing all previous thoughts.


“Woohoo!” Bellona yelled.


Sere pulled away, glaring at her strange friend, “Shut up!”


Bellona grinned, stuffing her hands in her trench coat pockets.

The Doctor had wandered off down the beach, leaving us to ourselves.

Leaving me with Serenata.


She rolled off of me, sitting up to swipe her partially wet hair from her face. Bellona raced past us, throwing her coat off and leaping into the water.


“That’s one way to get a bath,” Sere murmured.


I grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head, wadding it up and tossing it onto a nearby rock.


Sere grinned, pulling her own blouse off to reveal her baby blue bra – the same one which had hung on her ceiling fan.


“HA!” Bellona sprayed us with water, kicking her feet.


“Hey!” I gasped, shielding my face from the assault. I was unable to see anything but the spray of water. I was unable to see what was coming.


When Bellona finally stopped, a woman with an eye patch stood before us, grinning in a wicked way that I really didn’t like.


“Hello kiddies,” She cackled, winking her one good eye.


A gun was pressed to my head from behind. I glanced back out of the corner of my eye to see that it was Bellona.


“Sorry Matt. It’s for a good cause,” She assured me.


The Doctor was running full pelt towards us, yelling something at the top of his lungs.


A man stepped out from behind the eye patch lady, stepping forward to grab Sere’s wrist, “Sorry dear, you’re coming with us,”

The man pressed a button on a device strapped to his wrist. They disappeared in a flash of blue light.


“No,” I cried out hoarsely, barely able to believe what was happening. Our friend held a gun to my head and my love had disappeared with a stranger while a woman with an eye patch hovered above me, smiling.


I felt a blow to the back of my head and I barely had time to register that Bellona had hit me with the butt of the gun before I fell forward into the shallow water, darkness consuming my thoughts.

The End

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