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"Can I make a request?" I shouted. Bellona and Serenata came out of rooms in the corridor, looking at me suspiciously. "Would you all mind getting dressed and meeting me in the console room in, say five minutes?"

Serenata nodded, ducking back into her room. Bellona just looked a little lost. I stormed down the corridor, opening a door. "There are plenty of clothes in here. I'm sure you'll find something that fits."

I smiled, returning to the console room. The door was open and one of the creatures had found its way inside my ship. "Out!" I shouted sternly, walking towards it as tall as possible. It looked at me once before running out of the door. I poked me head out after it with a smile. "We're just a bit busy right now! Feel free to come back for a cup of tea another time!"

When I didn't see either River or Jenny come back into the clearing, I smiled and pulled the door to. I made my way to the underbelly of the old girl, running a few checks on the outer shell before turning to the console with a grin.

"Doctor." It was Bellona at the top of the stairs. She had clothes on this time. I looked at her, waiting for her to say whatever it was that she wanted to say. "Are the others back yet?"

I flicked the dematerialisation switch and watched as the column moved up and down smoothly. She looked at me suspiciously, descending quickly. "Are we picking them up?" She asked to which I shook my head. I pulled the switch back, landing the ship with that beautiful rasp.

"Just dealing with the spiders mainly." I moved over to the doors and opened them. "Stay."

I left the TARDIS, looking at the Great Elder with a sympathetic smile. Mu appeared beside me, bowing gently.

"Is there something we can do for you, Doctor?" The Ood asked.

"I thought the telepathic circuits of the TARDIS might be able to help the Great Elder." The Ood nodded, clearly appreciating my genius.

"Doctor." The Great Elder groaned. "The left side of the meteor is bright."

"Well, at least he's giving sentences this time!" I yelped with glee.

The Great Elder swayed slightly, like a strong breeze pushed him. "There is always a way out. The trees are your friend. The music of the past sings more beautifully than that of the present."

"Great Elder I have a question for you." I turned to Mu, smiling. "If you'll allow me."

"If it uplifts your craft, Doctor." I scrutinized what he said.

"Oh, you mean 'whatever floats my boat'?"

"No but go on."

I looked to my feet, a little disheartened. "Can I trust Bellona?"

"If you so wish." The Great Elder replied, swaying even more now.

"What sort of answer is that? Can I ask another? Am I making a mistake? Do I know as much as I think I do or not?" I stepped forward, needing the answer terribly.

"The answer cannot be found here. You know where." The Great Elder sent a word into my brain - it was the name of a planet but it didn't make any sense. Why there?

The Great Elder swayed again and I feared that he was about to topple over when he stabilised himself.

"Doctor, I fear that your ship is having an adverse effect on the Great Elder." Mu said, trying to usher me back into it.

"Thank you for everything. Both of you." I patted Mu on the shoulder and pushed the door of my ship open. "'Til next time!"

I pulled the door shut with me and came face to face with the three other occupants of the TARDIS: Serenata, Bellona and Matthew.

"Would you like to do the honours Serenata?" I asked with a beaming smile. She jumped a little, doing exactly what she should.

"But what about the others?" Bellona yelled, running up to me.

"Already taken care of." I smiled, reminiscing.

"What does that mean Dad?" The ship was now in flight thanks to my daughter. I put my arm around her and smiled.

"It's all in the past. My past to be precise."

The End

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