Donna Noble: SpacemenMature

I was nursing a drink at some space disco thing when he came up to me again.

"Look!" I sighed, not really caring what it was this time that had got his attention. "An inside-out banana." He held it out to me, grinning like a mad man. I prodded it with a finger - he was right, at least as far as I could tell from the touch. He pulled it away, as if he was taking care of it for someone else.

"The amazing things you find in the future." I mumbled, turning back to my drink. It was non-alcoholic - I didn't need another lecture from him.

"What's up Donna? You seem distracted." He was sat on the stool next to me, analysing me with his eyes.

It had been a crazy few days with the Doctor, hurtling through all of time and space without a single day off or even five minutes to put my feet up. They physically hurt from all of the running about we had been doing. So I had insisted for some Donna time. He had chosen where and when and it had been perfect. For the first few minutes or so. He kept coming up to me to show me something else, like a kid in a toy shop. But then I just smiled because that is exactly what he was and I knew he always would be like that.

I reached out and ruffled his hair slightly. "You go enjoy yourself." I said with a smile, watching him saunter off into the party. I took a deep breath and finished my drink, refusing the barman's offer of another and moving into the crowd. I swayed along with the music, looking out for my ride home. He was stood in one of the corners, hiding beneath a security camera, shining his screwdriver up at it. He looked concerned and confused.

In a puff of smoke, the centre of the dance floor vanished, leaving a ring of scorch marks and burnt bodies. I was lucky, just a couple of people from the danger zone. As the smoke cleared, I saw three things in the middle, shining as the disco lights reflected off of them. They were aliens - sparkly aliens that looked just like glitter.

"We are the Vardans and we are now in control of this planet." Everyone around me looked afraid and started running off in different directions, some practically running through the aliens.

"Oi!" I yelled. The Vardans seemed to turn in my direction. "You're rather confident, aren't you?"

"You will not stand in our way." They said, their voice more intimidating than their appearance. I could see the Doctor creeping up on them; he was right behind the central one, fiddling with his screwdriver. It fizzed and they turned to him. "Thank you, Timelord. You have given us corporeal form with your device."

"Umm." He muttered. "You look exactly the same. Aren't you lot humanoid? Green uniforms."

"We have chosen to remain like this. We feel it is more suited to our plan."

I stepped forward, making myself known. My smile widened as I whipped my hand around, slapping the central Vardan at head height. I got a small electric shock from the encounter but the alien vanished. The others looked to each other before doing the same.

"Well done Donna!" He yelled, putting his arm around my shoulder.

"Well they were just pieces of bloody tin foil." I replied, moving his arm off of me.

"Time we were off." We both nodded to the barman as we entered the TARDIS and we vanished off into the vortex again.

"So where this time?" I asked as he moved around the console, stopping only to throw his coat to me.

"I know exactly where to take you." He smiled at me. "The beautiful beach planet of Pinerel Seven."

I nodded in excitement, wondering how long it was going to take. I plonked myself down on the seat and watched him work.

"Do you think you'll ever get the hang of this?" I asked, a smile on my face. He approached me, grabbing his jacket and running off to the door.

"We're here!" He opened the door stepping out. I sighed, following him.

"Dad!" A girl yelled. It was Jenny.

I looked around where we had landed. It was a jungle. "So much for the beach." I muttered under my breath. As Jenny hugged the Doctor, I noticed another woman standing outside the ship. She looked vaguely familiar - the same feeling you get when you see someone you knew a long time ago but they're older. Except in this case, they were younger.

I was staring at the woman I had met at the Library. Professor River Song just younger.

"River?" I asked, my voice a little shaky.

"Yes. I'm sorry but do we know each other." She extended her hand. "I'm River Song. And you are?"

I left my mouth open as I tried to figure out what to say. One wrong move and I could change history. She hadn't met me back in the Library. I elbowed the Doctor and shut my eyes for a second.

"I'm Donna Noble." I smiled at her as we shook hands. "Nice to meet you."

The End

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