Serenata: ForgivenessMature

Dad paced back in forth in front of me. Right after Bellona
had kicked open my door, he’d come running to see Matthew and I in bed.

He hadn’t even let me get dressed; he just dragged me out of
the room, his hand clamped around my wrist.


I sat on a chair with a blanket wrapped around me, shivering
in the cold control room as he walked angrily back and forth before me.


“You deliberately disobeyed me,” He growled, clasping his
thin hands behind his back as he continued his path in front of me.


I couldn’t help but argue with that one, “But he’s not


He didn’t reply but he did stop pacing. Dad braced his hands
against the railing next to me, staring off into space.


“Why are you so afraid of him?” I murmured, studying his
peculiar expression – a mixture of fear and disappointment.


“You have no idea who he is,” He whispered ominously,
shaking his head.


“Then tell me,”


He glanced over at me with sad, old eyes, “Sweetheart, you
just have to trust me with this one,”


I sighed, fingering my scar that ran across my ribcage.
Every time I trusted him I only managed to get into more trouble. But he was my
Dad and I loved him.


“Okay,” I stood up, holding the blanket around me.


He studied me for a moment as though I were a whole new
person. Then he embraced me and I sank into his warm loving arms.


“Is it safe to come out?!” Matthew called from my bedroom.


I couldn’t help but snort with laughter. To my delight, Dad
was laughing with me.


“Does this mean you forgive me?” I pulled away, looking up
at him.


He grinned that mad grin, “How could I stay mad at you? Of


If only we’d known then. If only we knew what was to come.

The End

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