Madame Kovarian: Too MuchMature

I was stood looking at the man when I received a message from Klu. Bellona was ready to report back. Brilliant. 

"You going to come with me?" I called. He looked at me, unsure. "I'm sure you'll be much more comfortable on my ship. Especially when this planet burns."

He looked at me desperately, coming closer. "Why?"

"Call it a beacon for the Doctor. When he sees his beloved planet dying he will come running." I smiled. 

He nodded, stepping next to me so we would both be transported back to the ship. He was breathing heavily, as if he had just been running. 

As we appeared on the ship, I instructed Klu to make our guest comfortable, offering him a smile before entering the empty communications relay room. There was a large screen on the wall which displayed a picture of Bellona. I wasn't completely sure she knew I could see her since she looked terrible. 

"Kovarian?" she whispered into the device. "Can you hear me?"

"Of course. Make your report."

"We are back in the ship. The Doctor saw me kill one of the creatures and I don't think he trusts me anymore." she looked concerned, as if she had failed. 

"He understands why you did what you did. He just likes his high and mighty morals. He has no problem killing when he has to." I heard a knock at the door but dismissed it. 

"His daughter, Serenata, and the boy you held prisoner, Matthew are together." she hissed. 

"What do you mean?" I asked. There was another knock on the door. I opened it to find Kiril standing there. I smiled. 

"Naked in bed together." Bellona murmured through the screen, much to Kiril's surprise. I slowly shut the door on him, saying that I would be right out. 

"The same way that you are naked?" Her trench coat had slipped, revealing more of her body than I had wanted to see. She mumbled an apology and sorted herself out. "And the main issue. What is there to report on that?"

"Not yet. But soon. It will be done soon." I broke the connection, returning to Kiril in the corridor.

"Who was that?" he asked. 

"Nobody." I replied, wondering what I was going to do to her once she had exceeded her usefulness.

The End

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