River: HeritageMature

I looked at Jenny, trying to figure out the resemblance between her and the Doctor.  I tilted my head, unsure if that would help.

"So do you get locked up much?" I asked Jenny with a little smile.

"Of course. More or less on a daily basis." She laughed. She was definitely his daughter.

"How long ago was it for you?"

"What?" She stopped trying to get out of the cell and sat down beside me.

"Since you last saw him."

"Years for me and a new face for him."  She looked sad, like he wasn't the man she had known. I put on  comforting smile and put my arm around her.

"So what was he like back then?"

"He looked completely different but deep down it was still him. Still mad and wonderful." She looked like she was about to cry. "I didn't get much time with him. We only saw each other a couple of times."

"You will now. We'll get back to him I promise." I got up and inspected the cell. It was very primitive, but more than enough to keep us locked up since they had taken away pretty much anything that we could use to help us get out. All of our belongings were placed on a table just out of reach, calling to us, taunting us. I could see the tribe in the distance, wondering what to do with us.

Jenny broke the silence. "He was travelling with this redhead. She was nice."

"He likes redheads." We laughed.

"I think she meant a lot to him. He probably misses her."

"I think he misses all of us." I muttered, looking down at the ground. I looked out of the cell again, smiling.

"Then why does he leave us?"

I didn't have time to answer her question. I was on my knees by the fencing that was encircling us, digging at the ground. Pieces of dirt came away in my hand and I continued to dig. "You gotta love tribal cages."

"Is this actually going to work?" She asked, dropping to my side and helping. As we kept going, we eventually found the wall of the cell extending deeper into the ground. "We're stuck aren't we?"

"Shush." I commanded, watching the tribe approach out of the corner of my eye. "Get ready to run Jenny. We won't have long."

"You have tried to escape. For that you shall be killed." The tribal chief looked angry as he opened out cell.

"Now." I yelled. We ran past the tribal people, stopping at the table quick enough to grab our weapons. We stunned anyone who approached, gathering up our things. "Ready?" She nodded.

We ran away, heading for the glittering dust in the air just ahead of us. We dashed through it, getting the same dazed feeling that we had the first time. We came out the other side of the time storm back where we had started, in the present day on Metamosa.

"I hate those things." She grumbled.

That was when we saw ourselves. Clearly we had gone back in time to before we had gone through the first time storm. I watched our past selves as they bickered about which way to go when they stopped. The time storm had appeared in front of them and they were both wary of going through. The only problem was that it blocked their way forward.

"So what do you suggest we do, huh?" The other me asked loudly.

"Well you seem to be the smart one so why don't you tell me?" The other Jenny shouted.

As it had before, a creature landed behind them. They were stuck between the creature and the time storm. My past self turned to the past Jenny and shrugged her shoulders. Past me grabbed her hand and dragged her through the time storm. I could remember the worry - we had no clue where and when we would end up.

Back in our present, we came out from our hiding place to watch the creature follow our past selves through the glitter when it closed behind it.

"Well that was lucky." She smiled to me.

"I'm glad that I didn't have to tell you not to try to interfere with our past." We laughed and continued on our journey, about an hour older than when we had started our journey. We continued through the jungle, getting on much better than we had before. Suddenly, she knelt down and picked something up; it was her medi-pack. We smiled. I helped her up and we were about to go back when the wind picked up. The leaves on the trees flew threw the air, one hitting me in the face. As I pulled it away, I saw the TARDIS in front of us. I looked at Jenny, confused.

The door opened and a man stepped out.

"Dad!" She yelled with a smile.

I was still confused. I had never seen that man before in my entire life. Standing behind him was a redheaded woman.

"Oh great." I muttered under my breath. "We're in trouble now."

The End

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