Doctor: Unhealthy GlowMature

Jenny had stopped scratching at the diamonds but I was still going, shifting the settings on my sonic in the hope that it would do some good.

"Doctor." River called. "They're very close now."

"Don't you have the solution this time?" I shouted over to her, feeling one of the diamond spiders come away from the ship in my hand. It burrowed its legs into the palm of my hand, sending pain searing through my arm.

"Are you alright?" Jenny and River were holding me, my body feeling weak.

My hand convulsed with my fingers shaking. I had been poisoned.

"Stop touching the spiders." I ordered loudly. "Poison."

"Dad!" Jenny held my hand, trying to check my pulse.

"Doctor." River held my other hand as my body fell to the floor.

"I know what to do." Jenny muttered as she fumbled in her pockets. "I had a medi-pack with me when I arrived. I must have dropped it." She looked around, her eyes moving further afield.

"You can't go out there. It won't take me long to recover." I muttered, feeling the infection spread through my veins with every passing second.

"I can. I'll be fine." She smiled down at me, squeezing my hand.

"Not on your own." I looked at River and she instantly knew what I meant, shaking her head slightly. I pleaded with my eyes, knowing that she would melt in seconds.

"I'll come with you." She said, both of them getting up. "Now you look after him Bellona. Alright?"

The girl nodded slightly, bending down and taking a closer look at the bug. She eyed it suspiciously, looking at me with a confused look. I simply winked at her, hoping that she wouldn't give the game away.

Jenny and River moved off into the trees, guns raised. Once they had gone, my right eye closed as my concentration grew. Pulling myself up from the ground, I shook myself, getting rid of the infection.

"You didn't need any help did you?" She asked, half smiling.

"Nope. All better." I plucked the spider out of my hand and threw it against the others on the ship. "River tends to have a little issue with trust and so will Jenny when she finds out who River is so they could do with some time together."

I approached the ship, placing my ear near the spiders; they were making some sort of snapping sound that I couldn't quite place.

"Do you know how dangerous it is out there?" Bellona shouted, grabbing me on the shoulders to try to get across how serious she was.

"Yes. But it's River and Jenny. They are good. Jenny has never needed my help before and River only needs in when she's high up and decides to go skydiving so I can't foresee any problems." I smiled at her briefly before listening to the spiders again.

"It's still reckless of you." She murmured, letting me go.

"Give me a boost?" I beamed at her and she obliged, letting me support myself on her to check the top of the ship. I powered up my sonic, aiming it at where the light was. The whirring sound told me that it was doing exactly as it should so I reached out for the light, the spiders clambering all over my arm. The light had blinded them so they couldn't see where they needed to clamp onto, letting go of the ship and choosing to sink into my skin and jacket.

I had exposed the light but the rest of the ship was still covered and I didn't know how to deal with them. As Bellona helped me scrape the spiders off of me, the first creature entered the clearing, snarling.

The End

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