Jenny: In the Sky with DiamondsMature

I was flying through space, laughing at the top of my lungs.

I had just taken off from Klakipch when a meteor shower began, rocks falling from the sky towards me and the planet. My instincts kicked in and I swerved my ship around every single one, avoiding the waterfall of meteors as it cascaded past me to the planet.

I had been there, trying to stop a number of illegal deals from being passed by a corrupt government. Just doing my job.

"Jenny. You there?" The voice came from the radio I had installed.

"Yeah it's me." I smiled.

"New problem for you. There seem to be a collection of weird looking spaceships floating around Metamosa. You aren't that far away. Fancy a look?"

"On my way." I muttered as I shifted the ship into gear, hurtling across the cosmos faster than light.

I knew immediately that something was wrong when I arrived. There were hundreds of ships that sparkled like diamonds circling the planet. I tried to get a message to them on the radio but they didn't reply although one of the nearest ones started moving towards me.

I was already suspicious and so began an evasive course through the ships to the planet where I could land and find out what is going on.

"Jenny. Just thought that I'd warn you that one of the ships is approaching very quickly from behind."

The voice was right - it was about to crash into me. I knew that if it made contact, I'd be completely destroyed. But something odd was going on - it was opening up, ready to capture my ship inside. This wasn't good.

I checked the transportation system - I wasn't close enough to the planet for a safe journey. I pushed the ship as fast as it would go, worried about what was about to happen. The diamond ship was pulling up to me, the opening getting close to me. My little craft darted on and I kept checking with my trans-mat system - it still wasn't safe. The opening was upon me, my ship about to be closed in on. As I watched the diamond absorb me, I hit a button, transporting me to the planet even though it was going to be dangerous.

I woke up on the planet, my body feeling a little worse for wear. I could see the diamonds glistening in the sky, like stars. I got to my feet, traipsing through the jungle in search of answers.

Instead, I found a group of people, one of which was acting like the leader. I approached him quickly, holding my stun gun to the back of his head.

I didn't know that he was my Dad until later on.

When he took me back to his ship, it was covered in diamonds.

"Just like mine." I muttered under my breath, getting bitten when I tried to pry one of the spiders off. As Dad stopped my fingers from bleeding more, I smiled. I felt safe again.

The End

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