Madame Kovarian: Partners in CrimeMature

I woke up, millions of lightyears and hundreds of years away from Metamosa and the Doctor.

That girl Bellona was keeping an eye on him whilst I got on with other things. I was saving myself some time thanks to her. I smiled to myself.

"Welcome back, Madame." It was Klu, my personal assistant. She removed her hood, revealing her scaly head. Her face moulded a brief smile before her mouth became a simple line again.

"It's good to be back, Klu. All is going according to plan on Metamosa. How is everything here?" She offered me her hand, helping me up from the bed. I brushed myself down before following her into the corridor.

"Everything is in place. The weapon is nearly ready." She hesitated. "The laser, not the other, the,"

I stopped her, having heard enough. I pushed into a conference room, nodding as my associates rose. These creatures were my allies in the war and had all contributed a large sum of resources to this battle.

As I listened to each of them reporting back, I looked to Klu, wanting her opinion on each of them. The Silurian slowly shook her head each time a lie was uttered. I smiled at her in thanks.

She must have come from lower stock, having a selection of deformities across her body along with generally harsher and more rigid features.

"Madame." The intercom called. "Down on Earth is a man who wants to talk to you. He says that it's important. He's very insistent in fact."

"Deal with him yourself." I uttered, turning back to the Cyberleader who had been speaking in that monotonous voice they all use.

"But," The intercom continued. "He said that if I told you his name then you'd listen."

As I heard the name, I jumped from my seat, leaving the room and heading for Earth. I needed to see that man. He could trump the rest of my allies.

He was my wildcard.

Kiril Thanos.

The End

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