River: Stewing Over the PastMature

I grabbed him by the shoulder and pushed him up against a tree. 

"Who the hell is she?" I barked, letting my jealousy getting the better of me more than I should. 

"River, we don't have time for this chat right now, do we? You heard that just as much as the rest of us did." His eyes were confused - part passion and part fear. 

"Fine. But the first moment we get!" I felt like slapping him, forcing him to tell me everything but the girl had caught up with us. 

"Come on, Dad!" She yelled, grabbing him and running. "I've got so much to tell you!" He shot me an apologetic look before dashing off into the distance with her. I felt like breaking down but knew that it wasn't worth it. 

"River?" Bellona asked, slowly pacing through the jungle. 

"What?" Maybe I was a little sharper than necessary. 

"Do you know what's going on?" She sounded lost and confused, like a little child without her parent. The innocence of her question astounded me. 

"Not really." I put my arm around her. "But that's part of the fun, isn't it?" 

She smiled at me weakly and we carried on through the jungle. "Will it be dangerous?" She asked, sincerely sounding worried. 

"Let me tell you a little story." I offered her a kind smile, guiding her. "A long time ago, it was just me and the Doctor. We hadn't been travelling together for long and we landed on this planet called," I hesitated, struggling to remember the name. 

"Does it matter?" Bellona shot me a glance to accompany her question before returning to look through the jungle. I shook my head, picking up the pace slightly. 

"Well we arrived and were greeted by this giant mole wearing a baseball cap on this ice planet with more mountains than you could possibly imagine." I swept my hands across the horizon, helping her to picture it. 

"Right," She nodded along. 

"So this mole is nice and invites us back to his hole for dinner. So I'm suspicious and ask the Doctor if I'll be safe. He says yes in that roundabout way of his. Cut a long story short," I moved through the trees, following the shadow that must have been the Doctor or the new girl ahead of us. 

"You weren't safe?" She ventured to which I nodded. 

"We get into this jacuzzi since it's really really cold out and we aren't dressed for it. The mole is really nice until we figure out that it isn't a jacuzzi. It was a cooking pot." I looked at her, almost laughing at how stupid it sounded. Travelling with the Doctor does get you in some weird situations. 

"What gave it away?" I could see the beginnings of a smile on her face as she asked me the question. 

"Well it started getting painfully hot which was the point that I figured it out and got out but the Doctor was sure nothing was wrong. Even when the mole started putting vegetables into the pot to cook with him. Suffice to say that he smelt like carrots for months."

We shared a laugh, catching up with the others. "So in answer to your question, it's always dangerous but with me around," I patted her shoulder. "You'll be fine!"

The others had gathered where we had landed and were searching the trees. "What's up?" I asked with a smile. 

"I was wrong." The Doctor muttered.

"Must get that on tape!" I muttered to Bellona, who laughed. 

"Matthew isn't here. And neither is the TARDIS." He looked beaten. "He must have taken it."

At that moment, a shriek filled the air, causing a flock of birds to rapidly fly through the trees. I caught one of them mutter something about monkey-creatures, smiling at the wonders that the Doctor's ship could perform with language translation. 

"It's still here." I shouted, looking around and finding the answer immediately. "And I'll tell you where if you admit that I'm good." I directed my request at the Doctor, grinning. "Really good. On a par with you, sweetie."

I knew how that must have been messing with his ego but he knew in his heart of hearts (or whatever variant of the saying is relevant for Timelords) that I was stubborn, even knowing that a lot of nasty creatures were coming. 

He wandered over to me, putting his arm around my shoulder. "River, you know how much I appreciate you." I expected him to be looking at me - why wasn't he looking at me? "But I've figured it out too. Just needed a shift in perspective. Thanks."

He patted me on the shoulder, walking away. 

"I hate you." I hissed, watching fear and anger rise up on the new girl's face. "By the way, I'm River and that girl over there," I pointed to Serenata. "is our daughter. Mine and his." 

I knew that that would open up some questions for him to answer so I took his place as the one in the know. 

"So I know where the ship is." I pointed to a large diamond that hadn't been there when we landed. It was more or less cuboid in shape but the corners were less pronounced. "It's there, under those diamond spiders. That noise is HADS - I set it earlier on. Just in case. And it's about time I got recognised for my brilliance."

Bellona and Serenata offered me a small round of applause, to which I curtsied politely. I noticed that Ood friend of the Doctor approach and he bowed, clearly understanding what the clapping meant. 

I smiled; I was so right, again. I watched Jenny start fighting with the Doctor and he shot me a look, as if to say "I'll get you for this!" 

I simply laughed, wondering how we were going to get the diamond spiders off of the TARDIS before the creatures got to us.

The End

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