Doctor: The Genius MomentMature

"Now you don't mean that!" I smiled at the boy, a little worried about what he'd do next. 

I saw when River and Bellona caught up with me - in all fairness to them they had been a little distracted and I had just ran off. I beamed to myself. 

"Now, River, this is probably the part where you tell me that you hate me." I nodded to her, keeping my eyes on the watch. 

"Probably." She was smirking - I could hear it in her voice. 

"Right. So as we all know, I am one of the smartest entities in the history of ever. No matter where you go, you'd struggle to find someone smarter." None of them seemed terribly impressed. "So the first point of call is: what is the link between Kovarian and Koschei?"

I spun on my heels, stealing a glimpse of Bellona; she was acting suspiciously. Once River had offered me a blank look, I turned to Serenata. 

"Well the truth is that I don't know either. And to answer your question," I reached out, grabbing Matthew's wrist sharply and forcing it down so that I could grab the watch, so quick that he couldn't react. I smiled to myself. "This is Koschei."

I held it high above my head proudly, not deterred when the boy hissed at me. "That doesn't help us much." Serenata chirped, a little afraid. 

"Yeah well this is my time to shine." I pulled my sonic out, activating the trace on Kovarian, using the Flesh as a conduit for the signal. At the same time, I threw the watch to Bellona, hoping she could catch and that I could trust her in the end. "Feel free to tell me how good I am." 

The chorus of blank looks encouraged me to explain. "You see, we have a trace on Kovarian, and I've just remotely altered her course so she's going somewhere that she isn't going to like. Oh and I intend on meeting her there. Plus, we've weakened the link between the boy and the watch just long enough for me to pass on a message." 

I watched him getting closer and chose to stare him down, only stepping back to Bellona and River a second before his hand was at my throat. I hissed under my breath at Bellona, telling her not to open the watch before carrying on. 

"Koschei, listen. You can hear it, that drum beat, yeah?" I tapped my foot to the noise that I knew was plaguing his mind. "Well I can help you with that. Want to know how?"

He looked at me intently, shaking his head weakly. "Yes." The voice grunted. 

I inched closer and whispered: "Silence will fall." I smiled. "It's fun saying ominous things like that!" I waited to see if my plan was working. I heard River gasp and felt a gun being pressed up against the back of my head. Brilliant. 

"You know, there's one thing you never put in a trap!" I shouted, pausing slightly. "No, I've already done that. Is it cheating if none of you know yet though?"

The End

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