Matthew: Voice of KoscheiMature

All is not lost, the Doctor is distracted - for now. Go to the TARDIS with Serenata. Go!

I listened intently to the voice spilling from within the watch. I found myself caressing it, dragging my fingers across the engraved surface.

Do not hesitate.

I reached out towards Sere, grabbing her arm gently. Pleading with my eyes, I tried desperately to communicate what I wanted her to do. But the being inside the watch was not allowing me to speak.

More action, less talking.

I was forced to drag Sere through the forest again. She groaned with exhaustion and pain. I felt horrible for doing this to her. But he was making me do it. He called me.

I followed the sound of the alarm, searching for the blue box in the midst of the green jungle.

The being in the watch obviously wasn't too bright.

The Doctor himself sprang out of nowhere in front of us, grinning wildly.

The voice in the watch cursed itself quietly, almost as though it had half expected this to happen.

"Hello Matthew! Have you been hearing drums? So have I! Odd isn't it - mind giving me that?"

He held out his hand for the watch, smiling at me with the innocence of a child.

An animal rage was conjured up inside me. I had to have the watch. Inside was everything I had lost. My memories. My soul.  I let go of Sere's hand.

With desperation, I held the watch to my chest tightly, screwing my eyes shut as something began to creep into the corners of my mind.

The voice bubbled up inside of me, flowing from my own lips,

"I made a mistake. I should have let them kill you."

The End

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