Serenata: A Clever TrapMature

I felt as though my arm would be wrenched off at any given moment. Matthew had been dragging me through this goddamn jungle and the only thing I could get out of him was ‘The drums are calling,’


Great. He’d gone mad.


I stumbled and tripped over a large root, pulling Matthew down with me.

For a moment, he snapped out of it, “Oh my God, are you alright?” He let go of my bruised hand, brushing my hair out of my face.


“I’m fine. Just bruised,”


He tilted his head to one side, closing his eyes. He began to hum drunkenly, swaying on the spot.




His eyes snapped open. With a mad grin, he took a hold of my poor hand and began his wild flight through the trees once more. I found myself pulled to my feet, thorns and other nasty plant life dragging long slashes in my clothing.



Suddenly, he stopped. I gasped for breath, leaning against the trunk of a tree.


“Why the hell did you stop?” I moaned, watching him.


We were in a small clearing and he was staring at something lying on the ground. Something silver.


I limped towards him.


“It called me,” He whispered, pointing at the silver pocket watch lying in the mud.


Squatting down, I saw that it had circular marks engraved on it. Circular marks that were hauntingly familiar.


I sucked in my breath sharply, remembering my old cradle which had been my father’s. It had similar markings on the sides in gold.


“Matthew, whatever you do, don’t – ”


Quick as lightning, he bent down, scooping the watch from the mud. A tiny silver string was attached to the bottom side of it. When it snapped, a tinny alarm began to sound.


An alarm which was coming from the last known direction of the TARDIS.


“Thanks Dad,” I murmured, “Clever trap,”


The End

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