River: Help the AgedMature

"What took you so long?" I yelled, pulling him up. 

"I'm sorry but it isn't my job to save you and you alone." He snapped, clearly in pain. I supported him, offering him an apologetic smile. 

"I know. Sorry." I mumbled. 

"Where are the others, River?" He looked at me, mild concern growing on his face. 

"In the clearing by the ship." I offered a positive spin on the situation but he simply sighed.

"How many of those creatures were there?" I hated it when he was smart like that. 

"Lots." I mumbled, looking down. "But Serenata is resourceful."

"It's the others I'm worried about." He grunted in pain, nearly falling to the floor. 

"Bellona ran off." I felt really bad and was expecting him to tell me off for not taking enough care of them. 

"She'll be fine." He replied absentmindedly. "Matthew?"

"With Serenata. Should we be worried about him?" I tried to hide the worry but he knew me better than that. He shook his head, focusing on the path ahead and whatever his mind was working on. 

"Look with your ears and you'll smell a rat." He murmured to himself, ignoring my look of confusion. 

"Why did we come here?" I asked, hoping for a straight answer.  "Three reasons." He explained, soldiering on without my help. "One: to see an old friend. Two: to ask the Great Elder a question." I nodded along, glad that everything made sense so far. 

"Yeah." I encouraged him to finish his list, giving him a hand gesture to do so. 

"Three: to set traps for two rather nasty people." He didn't look at me but I knew how much he must have been hurting inside to be like that. 

"We're setting traps?" I asked tentatively. 

"Wrong. We have already set them." He looked at me, beaming a wide smile. "And you didn't even notice. Aren't I good?"

"I hate you." I hissed, trying to figure out what he had done this time.

The End

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