Matthew: Call of the DrumsMature

Giant leaves slapped my face, branches scratching my arms as we ran through the undergrowth, the roars of the creatures drawing closer and closer.

I could feel my twin hearts beating in my chest, thudding wildly as though they were attempting to break free of my ribcage.

Serenata was breathing hard, stumbling over her own two feet as she tried desperately to keep up with me. I squeezed her hand reassuringly, plunging through a particularly dense area of plants.

I tried to tell myself we were running because of the giant evil spiders. But truth be told, since I had stared down one of them, I had begun to hear a strange drumming. It was throbbing in my skull, pulling me through the jungle, beckoning me onward.

"Matthew, can we stop? They aren't following us anymore," Serenata gasped, throwing a glance over her shoulder.

I slowed to a stop, leaning against the trunk of a tree.

One two three four, one two three four, the drums were calling.

"We...have to...keep going," I gasped, clutching my head as the throbbing continued.

"Matthew, what's wrong?" Sere laid her hand on my shoulder, worried.

"Have to keep going," I muttered, grabbing her hand.

And so we continued, against my will, following the call of the drums. 

The End

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