Doctor: Light Shine DownMature

The Great Elder hadn't been quite as useful as I had hoped, even thought I got some interesting gossip from his ramblings. He had only spoken coherently once and even I had struggled making sense of it. 

As I walked through the trees, Mu at my side, I wondered what I was going to do. Now that the Great Elder couldn't help, I was out of ideas. It would have to stay a mystery. I barely noticed when my Ood friend wandered off, clearly something else attracting his attention. 

Before it had finished, I was following a scream through the forest, tracing it back to its origin. It sounded familiar - it was River. 

"Sweetie!!" She yelled at the top of her lungs. 

"Why is it that whenever you call, I come running?" I shouted, pulling my sonic out. I aimed it in the trees, picking a high intensity, random frequency setting. A harsh noise erupted from the screwdriver, shaking the leaves as it flew through the air, every second getting higher then lower in pitch. I smiled a little as I stood proud, sure that River was probably screaming something at me. 

It was when a creature came swooping out of the trees directly at me that I fell backwards, dropping my sonic. 

I could see light trickling down from between the trees, landing on me with a twinkle. I could see River fighting her way down a tree, waving her arm as a creature practically flew in her direction. I almost laughed, suddenly concerned when I couldn't move my body. I looked up to the light again, witnessing a blinding flash. 

I could feel River at my side, tugging on my arm. Why wasn't she yelling at me? She usually does in situations like this. I turned my eyes, trying to focus on her but I couldn't see anything. The light had blinded me. Great. 

"River, pass me my sonic!" I called, feeling her place something in my hand. I activated it and waited to hear it buzz, but it didn't. 

"Is it broken?" I shouted but then I realised, I was broken. I was deaf as well. 

I focused my attention, willing my eyes to regenerate. I felt pain coursing through my veins but in seconds, my eyes were working again. 

"Chances are," I mumbled weakly. "I won't get any eyes next time now." 

I watched River's lips move - what was she saying. "Different language." I muttered, shifting into the Kondrellian that I had taught her a couple of years ago when we had been stuck in the ship for a while. I blinked three time, sniffing once and wiggled my left ear once slowly. 

She nodded, looking around. She shook her head. But that meant "The ambassador is in here." What was she saying? Oh. She meant no. I smiled. 

I clamped my eyes shut, trying to regain my sense of hearing. The pain filled me again and again, my ears returning to working condition. 

Before all the other sounds of the forest drowned it out, I heard a noise - like some tribal drum beat. It felt familiar, but it hadn't been a while since I had been on Metamosa - they must have changed their taste in music by now. Or did I visit in the future? I pulled a confused face.

"Doesn't matter." I mumbled, trying to get up but falling back. "Not strong enough yet."

The End

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