Bellona: BetrayalMature

Could it be true? Serenata's father was a danger?

He's absolutely mad but....surely he wouldn't hurt anyone!
Then I remembered Singir, the terrible creature he had awakened and the death of almost all of the pirates aboard the ship I had arrived on.

"Death is his constant companion," Madame Kovarian told me gravely, her hand still stretched out towards me.

In that moment, the creature reared back to strike. I grabbed her hand, allowing her to pull me out of harms way.

The giant spider-thing roared in frustration, snapping its mandibles at us. Madame Kovarian drew a knife from her belt, running beneath the creatures belly. It stamped its goo encrusted legs, trying to crush her.

Jumping up, she plunged the blade into its underside. The creature shuddered for a moment, mandibles twitching wildly before it exploded, spraying green ick everywhere.

I swiped gobs of the stuff off of my arms. I could only stare at the split open carcass of the insectoid.

"And that, is how you kill them," Madame Kovarian gasped, hands on her knees.

I wandered towards the dead spider beast. One of its legs still twitched, kicking the air.

Looking back at the Madame, I uttered the words that would decide my fate forever.

"I accept,"





The End

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