Madame Kovarian: That Bit ExtraMature

I watched as the creatures attacked the two young ones, trying to hide from the rest as they swung through the trees.  The Doctor clearly hadn't thought this through terribly well - he had put his friends in great risk just for a little watch. Well, an important watch. 

One of them, Bellona came crashing through the trees, screaming her head off. 

"Excuse me." I muttered. She slowed, looking at me suspiciously. 

"It's you!" She yelled, pointing. 

 "Well put." I sighed. "Why did you run?" 

"Have you not seen those things?!" This was going to be a lot harder than it needed to be but the end result was so tempting. 

"The Doctor does have a habit of putting people in dangerous places." I shrugged my shoulders. "People have died travelling with him. It isn't safe. Someone needs to stop him from endangering more lives." She looked at me, considering what to do next. I had played this right, hadn't I?

She knew that I was speaking the truth - that I was the one to trust. "What do you intend to do?"

"Look behind you." I warned, watching as one of the creatures approached her. "There's a trick to surviving these things. I know it, if you're interested. But I'll want something in return." She looked from me to the creature, unsure which was the most dangerous. She was smart this one, but not smart enough to beat me. 

"Your choice? It'll take a bite out of you in a minute otherwise." I offered her my hand, wary of that creature getting closer. "Time's running out." She edged away from it, trying to stare it down, despite shaking in fear.

"What do you want?" She asked, not even looking at me. 

"The Doctor. I could do with your help. So, what do you say?"

The End

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