Serenata: PowerMature

Mum's gun landed with a thud in the bushes.

Now I was ticked.

I watched as the spider-monkey-things began to surround us, opening and closing their great big mandibles.

"Can you stand?" I asked Matthew. He nodded. I figured he was lying, but it was no time to question.

To my surprise he stood on his own, staring down the nearest monster with an aggressiveness I'd never seen in him before.

"What are you doing?!" I hissed, grabbing his arm.

He looked back at me, "The only thing I can think of,"

The creatures eyed him cautiously, as though they weren't certain what to make of him.

Matthew drew back his lips into a snarl.

What the hell?

They cocked their heads, examining him. He answered by growling low in the bottom of his throat.

The first ran. Then the second. The creatures climbed back into the trees one by one until we were left standing alone in the clearing. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Matthew had stood there, and growled at them! Growled!

"Matthew?" I was shocked to find that my voice wavered.

"Yeah?" He turned to me, as though nothing was wrong.

I chose to change the subject.

"They took my mother,"


The End

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