Doctor: Testing a TheoryMature

I had seen something moving in the jungle, trying to hide from us. Probably just one of the many species that lives here. I smiled. It was such a beautiful, free world.

"Is it what I think it is?" I asked Mu, watching him take the pocket watch.

"I suspect it is, my friend." I bowed my head, trying to bury my panic and fear.

"It can't be though. Can it?" The Ood wasn't really sure how to act, simply handing me the pocket watch back.

"You could open it and see." I shook my head. I would never do that. I couldn't risk it.

"I am sorry that I could not be of any more assistance, Doctor. Is there anything else we can help you with?"

I smiled. "As it happens, there is." None of them were going to like this.

"Go on."

"I'd quite like to talk to the Great Elder, if I may." The Ood stepped back, surprised by my request.

He scurried off. "It shall be arranged." I pocketed the watch, spotting Matthew taking an interest in it. Wait. He couldn't remember anything. Could he...?

"Matthew, I have a quick question." He stepped towards me as I knelt down, picking up a small diamond from the floor. "What is your name?"

He looked at me like I was an idiot. I held up the diamond for him and instructed him to look into it. They say that the diamonds of Metamosa are some of the strongest rocks to use for hypnotic suggestion. "And try again."

"Matthew." He responded.

"Before that. What was your name before that?" His eyes were transfixed on the diamond.

"I do not know." His voice sounded lifeless.

"Tell me!" I yelled. The boy retreated into himself slightly, my voice scaring him. I felt River grab me, turning me so that she could slap me very hard in the face.

"What the hell are you doing?" She screamed, helping Serenata pick Matthew up.

"Just trying something." I turned to Bellona. "Want one?"

She perked up a little, smiling and nodding. I threw the little diamond to her, watching and waiting. "There's just one thing that you should know, Bellona." I said, walking over to her and putting my arm around her shoulders. "They aren't just any diamonds."

She wasn't even remotely interested in what I was saying. "They are alive." I whispered, leaving her to scream when the diamond sprouted eight legs and started walking around in her hands.

"It's a spider!" She shreiked, dropping it. I watched it run away but it wasn't fast enough - Bellona's new boots came crashing down on it.

"Well there was no need for that." I said, disapprovingly.

"Sweetie, that was rather cruel. Apologise." River was back by my side with Serenata working to wake the boy up.

"Sorry Bellona but it's an important lesson that you need to learn. Be careful what you wish for." I half smirked, taking River by the hand and leading her away from the others.

"Problem?" She asked.

"Definitely. Look at this." I handed her the pocket watch, stopping her from opening it by holding it closed and showing her a very, very unimpressed face. "Contains essence of Timelord."

Her eyes widened as she turned it around in her hands. "Clever stuff."

"Plus there's Serenata who seems very eager to find herself some trouble, that boy Matthew has a more confusing past than you do and Bellona. I don't know if I trust her."

"Oh." She replied, looking at me. She kissed me on the cheek. "It'll be alright. Serenata just wants to impress Matthew, Matthew is scared of the father and Bellona is just... well her. She'll get better."

"I hope so." River left me to help our daughter who was still struggling with Matthew. "You know what to do!" I shouted, holding up my hands.

She nodded, holding her hands to his temples and exhaling.

"Bellona. Take a leaf. They're much more valuable and won't run away." She looked at me, unsure as to whether I was joking or not. I took a leaf from a nearby tree and licked it - it tasted like pineapple. "Try it."

She pulled a disgusted face.

"Doctor," Mu had returned. "The Great Elder has agreed to see you."

"Thank you." I followed him deeper into the jungle, leaving River in charge of the young ones.

"Thanks sweetie!" She yelled.

"Be careful! There are lots of things out there that would quite like to eat you."

She laughed and winked at me but then I lost sight of them, travelling right to the heart of the jungle.

We eventually came to a clearing and I stood in awe. The Great Elder was there, waiting for me.

"It is good to see you, Doctor." The voice shook the nearby trees.

I bowed. "You too, Great Elder. If I may, I have a question and you probably won't like the answer."

I stepped forward, looking to the creature. It resembled an elephant with a long trunk that held a brain at the end. All four legs were stretched out along the floor like the roots of a tree with the main body low on the ground. It was the Great Elder of Metamosa, one of the greatest intellects in the universe and one of the most powerful allies you could ever have.

The only problem was that its mind was deteriorating - the strain of acting as the hub for the telepathic messages of the Ood slowly killing it. Its memory was failing and every word that it uttered that actually made sense was a miracle.

And it was the only thing that could help me save a lot of lives.

The End

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