Bellona: Odd OodMature

I winced as a particularly large leaf smacked me in the face. First it was deserts, and then it was jungles – what next, a planet covered with ice?

I looked up just as a spider web connected with my nose.


“AHHHHH! GET IT OFF!” I spun around in circles swiping at my face for the spider. I tripped over a root, knocking into the Doctor, who in turn pulled down River with him.


I closed my eyes, scraping at my face. Tentative fingers reached into my hair and pulled out something.

I peeked out between my fingers to see Serenata standing above me, dangling a black leggy spider.


“Urg, get it out of my face, will you?”


Matthew laughed behind her, “Tell the spider you’re sorry, B!”


B? B?!!


I thwacked the spider into the next century with the back of my hand, “Not on your life! And if you,” I pointed an accusing finger at Matthew, “call me B again, you’ll end up like that spider!”


Sere simply smiled, offering her hand to pull me up off the ground.

“Thanks,” I muttered, brushing off my jeans.



The Doctor and River stumbled to their feet. River glared at me for a moment, but after I flashed her a winning smile and a quick ‘Sorry about that!’ she got over it fairly quickly.


As for the Doctor, he could go swim in crocodile infested waters for all I care.

Actually, knowing him, he probably would……



Holy mother of God.


Directly in front of us was the biggest diamond I had ever seen in my life.


“WOAH! You weren’t kidding!” I raced forward, placing both my hands on the sparkly rock.


“Fascinating isn’t it? But that’s not what we’re here for,” The Doctor told us, rubbing his hands together.


I glanced back at him, “What do you mean this isn’t what we’re here for? You could buy a whole solar system with this thing!”


“No you may not have the diamond,”


I looked up to see an Ood.

Did I mention that I dislike the Ood?


“Oh great. A squid-face,” I groaned.


This particular slimy was wearing a dark green robe that trailed on the ground.

Oh and he was holding his second brain in his hands.



“What is it?” I heard Matthew ask behind me.


Gee. He must have really gotten some bump on the head to not know what an Ood is!


“The second brain is not disgusting,” It blinked its itty bitty eyes a couple of times.


“Hold on a mo – Are you reading my mind?” I gasped, realization setting in.


“Hello Ood Mu,” The Doctor smiled warmly towards the alien.

What am I saying? Everyone is alien here except me!


“It is good to see you again, Doctor. What brings you to Metamosa?”


He reached into his pocket, bringing out a silver pocket watch on a chain, engraved with round symbols.

That’s it? That’s the mysterious object we saw him pick up from the core of Singir?



The End

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