Madame Kovarian: The Evil LaughMature

My pod was flying through space, going to the one place that I knew the Doctor would go. I simply smiled.

My plan had gone exactly as I had expected it to. The Doctor had been there on Singir, just as I had hoped. He had 'stopped' me, 'thwarted' my plans and sent me 'running' away. I couldn't stop myself from laughing.

"Oh I'm not Madame Runaway." I mumbled to myself.

I knew where the artifact was and what was about to happen to the planet; it does help having allies with time travel capabilities. I knew that he would get it for me and go to Metamosa since that's the only place in the universe that can give him answers. Simple man.

My pod latched onto his ship as it left the planet, hurtling through the vortex. I manipulated his ship, beating them there by a couple of seconds. So as I climbed out of my ship and hid behind one of the largest diamonds in the universe, I watched the Doctor and his entourage leave his TARDIS.

Just as I had expected. I stopped myself from letting my laugh out but I really wanted to. So much.

The End

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