River: Knowing BetterMature

We were waiting there, practically dancing on the spot, waiting for the TARDIS to arrive with my daughter. I took one last look up at the spaceship - it was more or less completely gone now.

"What were they doing here?" I asked, wanting to know what was going on before I melted.

"Looking for something." The Doctor and Bellona both explained, sharing a look of understanding. At least someone was getting on with her.

"That's good to know." I muttered.

"But I don't know what." The Doctor looked down-trodden. I turned to Bellona, who was just as defeated.

"Well if it's here." I started but was interrupted - the planet clearly wanted to say something with a whooshing of the wind practically knocking me off of my feet.

I looked over to the Doctor, about to carry on, when I saw him smile, like a little kid in a sweet shop. The TARDIS was right behind me. I looked to Bellona and smiled. I was beginning to enjoy having her around. Serenata opened the door with a wide smile on her face. She was about to run over and hug me when I screamed at her.

"The planet is melting. His fault." I gestured over my shoulder. "Don't worry, sweetie. We forgive you."

I walked as quickly as I could over to the ship, deciding to sit in the entrance and take my shoes off, throwing them into the sand. "They were ruined anyway." I laughed as the Doctor gave me a disapproving look. "We can always go and get some more."

Bellona looked to me for support - she wanted to know if she should do the same so I nodded, knowing that it would annoy the Doctor, keeping him outside.

When we were all inside, I noticed that Serenata had a new friend. A male friend. The Doctor didn't seem as bothered.

"Have you done the whole 'bigger on the inside' bit yet?" He asked her to which she nodded.

"How come?" The boy asked.

"Well it's all rather complicated actually. Imagine a glass of water. You put some sugar in and it dissolves yes?" The boy nodded. "Well it doesn't take up any extra space does it? In that glass you have the water and the sugar in the same space as just the water."

I thought about it. I hated it when he was being clever.

"So it's like the rooms have been dissolved inside?" The boy looked to the Doctor like he was a wise old man. That he was.

"Well, no. But if it helps you to understand, then yes." The Doctor started dancing around the console again, trying to move us.

"The other one." I called, making him retrace his steps and change what he had done.

"What were you saying before we came in River?" He called over to me as Serenata was introducing me to the boy.

"I was going to say that if whatever they're looking for is on that planet out there, then it'll just have been sucked under the sand, won't it?" I tilted my head so I could see him - he had stopped suddenly, deep in thought.

"Yes. And where will it end up?" He paused, as if waiting for an answer but I knew him better. I waited for him to answer it himself. "The centre of the planet."

Oh. I was expecting something more profound and helpful than that.

"So that's where we're going." He announced to the horror of the rest of us. "Well, that's where we already are."

He dashed past us all, making his way towards the door.

"You can't go out there!" I yelled in panic.

"Why not?"

"It's hardly safe, is it?"

"I'll be fine. Back in a minute." He opened the door, slipped out and the door shut. We all waited for a couple of seconds, wondering what to do.

The door opened and he stuck his head in. "You can come out, you know."

I was the first to the door, pulling it open fully to face him. "You know, sometimes I hate you." I muttered.

"No you don't."

The End

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