Matthew: Markings of a Mad ManMature

The floor rumbled beneath us. We sat up, untangling our limbs. Serenata glanced around feverishly, her eyes wild.

"What's going on?"

Alarms blared - different ones this time. A voice crackled over the loudspeaker 'All hands, abandon ship," The funny thing was, the voice appeared to be calm, rather bored actually.

"Run!" Sere grabbed my hand once more. Ignoring the pain in my body, I staggered after her.

One turn after the next, we followed the scribbled red arrows on the walls of this rat maze of a ship. Finally, in bright red letters on the wall up ahead -


We skidded around the corner. Before us was a tall blue box with the words 'police public call box' in bold white letters across the top.

"Thank God!" Serenata cried, letting go of my hand. She rushed up to the box, wrapping her arms around it for a brief moment before fiddling with the lock.

"Is there a particular reason you just hugged a great big box?" I asked her, watching as she slid a key dangling on a string around her neck into the lock.

"No time to explain," She muttered, pushing open the door.

I glanced behind me just in time to watch the floor we had been standing on begin to break into a million tiny shards.

I darted in after her, closing the door behind me. When I turned around - my mind couldn't process what I was seeing.

The inside of the box was bigger than the outside.

Sere noticed my expression and laughed, "Yeah, it's big,"

"But...but..." I stammered, gazing around the large domed ceiling.

"Like I said," She slammed a lever down on the controls, "No time to explain,"

I clambered up the steps to a control platform, buttons and gizmos all over the central column.

"Do you know how to fly this thing?" I asked quietly, contemplating the typewriter.

"No, but I'm about to learn," She pressed what appeared to be random buttons and switches.

The ship roared to life, a grinding noise filling the large hollow room.

"That can't be good," I clung to the railing as the ship lurched into movement.

"Oh it always sounds like that. He leaves the brakes on," Sere laughed, spinning a little top in the middle of a pinball machine.

The box lurched one final time and settled to a stop.

"Made it," She grinned at me.

I embraced her, "Good,"

She laughed, pushing me away, "Come on, let's go see what my family is up to,"

I followed her out into the sunlight of a new world.

The End

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