Bellona: ElectrifyingMature

I was still meandering across the hot desert when I heard it. Dread rose in my throat. That was the very sound that had filled our ship as it was going down.

Like static – only worse.

And it was coming from the ship again.


I ran back across the sand, my stomach churning.

Sand sprayed around my ankles as I slid to a halt near the ship.

Electricity rippled across the hull of the ship, the insistent buzzing echoing out from inside.

“Oi! You lot still in there?” I called, shading my eyes, trying to see inside the dark interior.


“Look out!” The Doctor flew out of the ship, grabbing my legs and knocking me down just as a bolt of lightning scorched the ground where I had been standing.


He stood up, swiping sand off his coat.


“Thanks.” I gasped, staring at the bubbling pool of…stuff, where the ground had been struck.


“It was so hot it turned the sand to liquid glass,” The Doctor murmured in awe.




His head whipped around towards the ship, “Coming!” He darted inside.


I ran in after him to see a horrifying sight. The thirty pirates had become the static, their bodies a twisting mass of electric currents; some of them still had flesh clinging to them.

And they had surrounded River.

She swung her laser weapon around, a wild look in her eye. Taking aim, she fired upon the closest one to her. It absorbed the beam, its body glowing red hot for a moment before returning to the cool electric blue.


The Doctor pulled out his wand, switching it on. “Try absorbing this!”


A sharp high pitched sound reverberated throughout the metal ship. My eardrums felt as though they were about to explode. I knelt on the ground, covering my ears. I couldn’t even hear my own screaming over the sound of that thing!

The electric pirates exploded into fragments of electricity, the tendrils of blue seeping into the walls.

The sound of the Doctor’s wand ceased.


“What the hell was that?” I cried hoarsely, stumbling to my feet.

“Oh,” He turned to me, “Sorry, forgot you were human.”


“Excuse me? How can you forget someone’s human?!”


River sighed, uncoiling herself from the corner where the undead pirates had surrounded her.

“Actually it’s quite easy since we happen to look exactly like humans,”


I frowned. She did have a point there.


“We have to get out of here. They’ll be reforming soon,” The Doctor strode out of the ship.


River followed him like an obedient puppy. Why did she stay with this guy? He was a complete –


“Did I mention I can read minds?” The Doctor called from outside.


I felt my face flush hot. The electricity running on the walls seemed to crackle menacingly.

Asshole or not, the Doctor was my only chance to survive this damn planet.

And so I followed him out into the blinding sunlight.

The End

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