Madame Kovarian: Closing InMature

He had done more or less exactly what I had expected of him - he had come on board and won. I had been expecting it for such a long time now, so long that I had prepared myself for this day.

"How are the prisoners?" I barked at a nearby soldier.

"They're running away." He hesitated, as if afraid of me. "Should we capture them?"

I smirked. "Of course not."

He looked at me in surprise before returning to his work. I looked out at where the ship had been. There was something there - like a lingering echo of it. I took control of the weapons system and shot in that direction, worrying slightly when the echo became more concentrated and started to follow the beam back to its source.

This ship.

"The planet is fighting back. This ship is about to go down. You stand your ground against that thing. If any of you survive to the planet's surface then you look for the artifact. Understood?" The soldiers nodded weakly.

I left the control room, climbing into my escape pod.

"Oh Doctor." I muttered as I left the main ship. "This isn't the end. This moment has been prepared for."

The End

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